Monday, February 15, 2010

Part 3: Let's Get Real & Get Right

Sorry for the delay on part 3 but here I am and here's the rest of the nitty gritty!!!

So I was 20 months in and NOW WHAT?!?! Fortunately I had taken my time and built an AWESOME foundation for my new lifestyle and this wasn't going to be just some overnight wham bam thank you ma'am situation. This was now my new life and I was living it and LOVING IT!!

I have always been a competitive person and thrived off of that motivation and excitement that competition brings. With that being the case I decided to run track again and it was full steam ahead. . . at least in my mind it was b/c it sure wasn't on the track LOL!! Turns out it was a slow and long road but I took it on no matter how painful it was and I kept pushing. Here I am 30 years old and I'm trying to get back out on the track. Things were slow going at first but they eventually picked up and everything was GREAT!! Unfortunately I had to sidetrack that dream because of work and family after I invested 2 years into it. But hey no biggie on to the next goal.

So during the 2 years of training to hit the track I was privileged enough to participate in an infomercial and how amazing was it that!!! For now we'll leave out what product I was endorsing b/c the infomercial has been pulled and will be redone soon but PLEASE BELIEVE its an honest infomercial and I followed the program and to this day I'm still following the program to this day!! I have to admit this was the absolute BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! I was afforded the opportunity to share my story, to meet ladies I've been corresponding with through the internet for years and ultimately realize this fitness thing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was so overwhelmed by this experience I spent half the day crying because to think about where I came from to where I was that day it was just unbelievable. Here are a few shots from that day

After that experience it was ON!! So in 2009 I spent the beginning portion of the year preparing for my first figure show. I was working harder than ever. Hitting the track, gym, cardio, nutrition on point. . . THE WHOLE 9. Well needless to say I'm human and "something" backfired and a few days after Easter I started noticing my weight was increasing instead of decreasing. All of a sudden I went from 155lbs to 171lbs within a matter of weeks. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING?!?!? This was not the plan and I was DEVASTATED. Heck devastated isn't even the word, my world was completely WRECKED. All I could see and hear in my mind was all the negative things people had said to me in the past about my weight when  I was heavier and I questioned myself like never before. I immediately panicked and thought "Oh No I'm going to be 200+ again then what do I do". Needless to say I have GREAT friends and a GREAT boyfriend and they all slapped me back to reality and explained to me I need to let the past go and I had a bump in the road and now I just need to move forward and do what needs to be done to get back to where I was. Unfortunately it took me several months to get my mind right again but eventually I did and here I am back and better!!
All of that being said is to explain that WE ALL go through up's & down's. We are all human and things happen out of our control BUT if you have built a strong foundation and know what to do you can easily get back on track. I will say I learned a good lesson during that situation which is having your mind in the right place is more than half the battle. So thanks to a friend and to the Bible here's one of my favorite sayings that I will end this blog on . . . 
Love ya