Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Days till Turkey Day - Day 1 Part Deux

Let's get it! Day 1 Part Deux! Cardio, lunges (add to early to total 100) & abs. A Sexy body ain't coming 2 get U. . .U gotta go get it.

Well the first portion of this blog I did while I was in the midst of my cardio LOL! See I'm always thinking about ya and wanting to keep the motivation going. So the result of that workout was a hardcore upright bike cardio session where I rode @ level 10 for 30min going no slower than 88-90+ rpm. I was soaking wet when I finished and that was because I was working hard and it was hot & HUMID up in that gym. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?!?!? Do these folks in CT not believe in air in the gym? Later on tonight I'll finish up my lunges so I can total 100 for the day then I'll do my abs before I get in the bed. I can't neglect those and a little a day goes a LONG way, trust me. I gotta run so I can jump in the shower. I'll be back tomorrow and we'll talk more about nutrition & workouts
As always much LOVE & SUCCESS with your goals

30 Days till Turkey Day - Day 1 Met my SECRET Lover!!

Ok as most of you know and will learn over this journey I am a TRIP. I say crazy things at the drop of a dime just depending on how I'm feeling. As much as possible I "try" to always keep a positive outlook and keep it light and happy. Sooooooooooo let's begin our journey with DAY 1. . . .
As promised I did my workout today and I took my beginning measurements. Since I've been doing certain exercises and workouts for so long I don't usually write my workouts down because I have a catalog of them in my brain but for you LOVELY followers I will start documenting them on a regular basis and if need be I will demo any the exercises myself or find a GREAT video showing you how to do what I've just done . . . aren't I such a sweetheart?!?! LOLOL
Anyway, back to beginning measurements and workout
Day 1 Measurements
  • height - 5'10 (this is 1 measurement I can assure you won't be changing LOLOL)
  • weight - 156 (not THRILLED with this b/c I wanted to be 155 but I will say this is the first time since I started College that I've successfully been in the 150's so long. I have officially been between 150-155 since my show in August
  • bust - 32in
  • waist - smallest point (about 1in above my navel) = 25.5inlargest point (about 1in below my navel) = 27.5in
  • hips - 36in
  • thighs - BOTH 22in!! (now that's a miracle b/c usually one thigh is slightly bigger than the other but lately they are they same YEAHHHHHH)
These measurements are quite acceptable for my off season but I would like to get to a new maintenance weight of 145lbs which would mean these numbers will decrease significantly . . . fiiiiiiiiiine by me :) This will require CONSISTENCY & INTENSITY both of which I'm willing to commit to with my whole heart. Now on to the exciting workout and explanation of the title . . . .

I MET WITH MY SECRET LOVER TODAY .  . . . Mr. Stairmill!!!!! OHHHHHHHHH how he makes my heart skip a beat LITERALLY! Unfortunately we haven't been seeing each other lately but today we had a date and it was GREAT. He was really busy and was only able to commit to a 20min time block but I took it and rocked out a SWEAT filled 20min of intervals (1min fast/1min slow). It was so wonderful to spend time with him again but I had to move on to the rest of my workout where I did Superset of all my exercises. Most of the time people do supersets of opposing muscle groups or body parts (example: bicep curls & tricep extensions). Instead I did more of a Compound Superset which can be defined here.
So here's what I did today:
  • 20min stairmill intervals
  • Plie Squats w/50lb dumbell x 20 superset w/Toe Touches on a flat bench x 20 (3 sets)
  • Smith machine lunges x 20 @ 100lbs w/Mountain Climbers x 20 (3 sets)
  • Leg Extensions x 20 @ 75lbs w/Seated Leg Curls x 20 @ 50lbs (3 sets)
  • Barbell Stiff Legged Dead Lift x 10 @ 135lbs w/Burpees x 20 (3 sets)
After this workout I was DRENCHED in sweat because I took minimal rest. Now I'm home all showered up and ready to work. I've had my coffee (new addiction that I need to break) and had Meal 1 - 6 EW (egg whites) w/asparagus and I've downed 32oz of water already. So off to work and to help motivate you all to reach your goals. As always much love & success to you on your journey and LET'S ROCK DAY 1!!!