Thursday, November 11, 2010

Challenge Day 16: The ONLY female?!?!

Yesterday I was quiet on ALL social networks including my blog but none the less I still got my workout in. Being that I only had to work 1 job yesterday I decided I'd do my workout midday and that's what I did.
Now I have one BIG question. . . WHY at almost every gym I do to (and I've been to a lot of gyms. . . I actually have 2 memberships here in CT) am I the ONLY female over in the free weights?!?! And why do men look at me like I have 2 freaking heads?!?!? C'mon ladies ya'll gotta join me over there because machines are not always your answer. Free weights are your FRIEND!! They include barbells, dumbbells, weight bars, kettlebells, and the weight benches (flat, incline & decline). Do women not go because of fear, too many men, uncertainty as to what to do or just not interested in lifting free weights? I will admit sometimes there's a few ladies over there with me and we are almost drawn to one another and somehow we'll eventually speak and get to know each other because we know we belong to a small weightlifting sorority hehehe!! But on the serious note I really wish more females would join me in the free weight section because it could mean a world of difference when it comes to the results you're getting. Anyone can sit on a machine and let it control their stability and their range of motion but it takes work to balance yourself, keep your core tight, keep your range of motion steady and under control while executing the exercise. LC is gonna kill me for saying this but he was a machine lover once himself but I got him off of the machines and back into free weights and its made a world of difference. His core has tightened up tremendously, his balance & stability has gotten way better and his power & strength are going through the roof. So with all this being said PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ya'll start joining me in the free weights and let's show those boys how to really pump some iron and maybe they'll stop looking at me like I'm crazy and do their own dang workouts. And I promise after I get my new video camera I'll start recording some of my workouts and posting them for ya'll to see.
Oh well. . . I'm cutting it short today because I'm feeling a little off. I'm not sick or anything I just feel weak & light headed. Prolly because I need to eat some more cause like a bad girl I waited a long time after my workout to eat and that affects me very badly. So love ya as usual and I'll talk to ya later. OHHHHHHHHH I'll post stats for ya tomorrow!!