Thursday, January 20, 2011

21day Detox - Day 5.5 (lol)

Yes I'm going through a Detox so to speak as I prepare for my next show. As I mentioned in my Cardio Rambling vlog, I decided to meet with a trainer up here in CT because I really needed & wanted my hand held this time. Now there's no doubt I would've done just fine without a trainer but "doing fine" isn't what I want . . . I WANNA WIN!! So to ensure success I sought out the knowledge of a local trainer to literally kick my arse in shape and to allow me to clear my mind a bit. So when I met with him this past weekend and we did m weight & body fat (which we will NOT talk about in detail hehehe), he decided I needed to go on a Detox to get myself back on track and I couldn't have agreed more. Truthfully this is just clean eats to the extreme which is what I would normally be doing close to the end of competition prep. Honestly the majority of the things I have to say NO to aren't that hard except for my Splenda Brown Sugar. But the things on my NO-NO list that are no problem for me are:ugar or sugar substitute
  • sugar - NEVER use regular sugar
  • salt - used very sparingly to begin with
  • bread - don't eat it anyway
  • dairy - don't drink milk anyway
  • pasta - don't eat this either
  • gluten based products - I already do everything in my power to stay away from these
  • alcohol - I rarely drink except for times like NYE
Now here are the one's that are killing me:
  • splenda brown sugar
  • salsa
  • nuts & trailmix
  • marinades or low fat dressings I would sometimes use to make meals
The list of the things that are driving me batty is very small but VERY powerful!!! The funny thing is I don't over indulge in any of them except the nuts & trailmix but I miss them all the same. For example the splenda & salsa. . . I use a very minimal amount of these when I'm eating my oatmeal or eggs, broccoli & chicken. Now I can't have them at all and I just find myself staring at them in the cabinet or fridge when I'm prepping my food. But I will say now that I've made it 6 days without these things I'm actually doing pretty good. I only suffered one brief moment when I was being haunted by nuts but I quickly got over it with the satisfying taste of a sweet potato.
Honestly I have to tell you I've never felt better, not so much because of the fact that I'm doing something different then I've ever done but because I'm following the plan to the letter!! This includes my workouts and my cardio. Yes my beloved cardio got cut back too but for good reason. I was actually hurting myself more than I was helping myself with the massive amounts of cardio I was doing and lack of calories I was feeding myself. Ohhhhhhhhh and the other thing that's driving me crazy is NOT being able to weigh. . . .YES I'm admitting that I've been a scale junkie and I was getting on it constantly and driving myself bananas with the results. Well now I can't weigh until my 21 days are up and I'm going to stick to it!
This Detox is not only helping my body it's helping my mental state!! I'm using this time to cleanse my mind of all the negativity and craziness that I would feed myself on a regular basis. This behavior was spawned from negative comments and actions from friends and family close to me in the past that has driven me to question the success that I have had up to this point. So all in all this Detox is the BEST thing that could've ever happened to me and I welcome it with open arms!!
See ya in a few days with my ploymetrics & olympic lift demo
Much Love