Monday, May 17, 2010

3500. . .

 It takes 3500 Calories to burn 1lb of FAT. I know that sounds like a lot but don't get OVERWHELMED by that number because there's several ways we can tackle that number and burn that stubborn FAT!. Of course the majority of the population believes when you're trying to loose weight it's cardio, cardio, cardio. . . and trust me cardio will help but there's more to the equation than that. Let's start looking at our Health & Fitness equation as a pie. YEPPERS THAT'S RIGHT I said PIE, but I don't mean a slice of Grandma's Apple Pie or whatever you favorite pie is, but a pie chart. Once we start doing that we will see that there are three (3) very IMPORTANT compents that come together to complete our Health & Fitness pie. They are Cardio, Nutrition, and the most often forgotten RESISTANCE TRAINING. 

Our bodies are furnaces and they are constantly burning calories all day and yes the old equation is true
But we can manipulate that equation to work for us in a more efficient way. For starters you're already gonna burn calories just getting up and going about your normal daily activities. We will assume for arguments sake since you're reading this blog you're concerned about your Health & Fitness and you're doing some level of cardiovascular exercise and at least are aware of where you're at nutritionally (those 2 areas we will revisit later on this week I PROMISE). So with that being said let's talk about Resistance Training . . . Now this is to all my lovely ladies (men you can tune out on this one if you'd like) LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A MAN!! There is no way, no how, NOT POSSIBLE. . . without the assistance of something (we will leave what that something is up to your imagination). But there's no way that normal everyday resistance training will having you looking like anything else other than a lean, mean, sexy fighting machine! Now that we've debunked that myth let's move on. As I stated previously it takes 3500 calories to burn 1 lb of FAT and ultimately the more FAT we burn the leaner & healthier we become. But did you know that 1 lb of MUSCLE burns 50 CALORIES compared to 1 lb of FAT only burning 3 CALORIES. Now obviously I'm no mathematician BUT clearly you already see the advantages to building lean muscle. But let's expand on this mathematical formula. If you start incorporating Resistance Training into your daily routine and you gain 10lbs of muscle (over time of course) you would be burning 500 EXTRA CALORIES A DAY. . . . hmmmmmmmmm ok so let's take that a step further. Now I've gained 10lbs of Muscle which now burns 500 calories / day there are 7 days in the week for a total of 3500 CALORIES!!! 

1lb muscle = 50 calories burned x 10 = 10lbs of muscle = 500 calories burned x 7 days = 3500 CALORIES

Now you haven't counted 1 calorie or done 1 long drawn out session of cardio. So think about the outcome when you add those 2 components in. OMG!! You're about to take yourself to a level where you're getting some SERIOUS FAT BURNING going. This now also explains to you how some people are having weeks where they're loosing 3,4,5+ lbs a week. They are like FAT BURNING FURNACES because they're building the lean muscle, they're watching their nutrition & incorporating intense cardio thus allowing them significant weightloss thus reaching the ULTIMATE GOAL of being . . . . 
Ok so I've officially ran my dern mouth too much today and I'm gonna say good-bye and let you "chew the Fat" amongst yourself (LOL) and ponder over the information I gave you today. If you have any questions, concerns, arguments or whatever you know as always you're free to comment and I'll always do my best to respond, clarify or partake in some playful back & forth debate if needed LOLOL

As always LOVE YA

PS. . FAMILY WE'RE TRYING TO RESHAPE THE BODY!! All your first 2 basic components of Cardio & Nutrition will help you change but you throw RESISTANCE TRAINING in and you will COMPLETELY RESHAPE THE BODY!!!!