Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I know its LATE but . . .


I just want ya'll to know this was one of the BEST holiday seasons I've ever had. I spent Thanksgiving with my mom & LC's family and that was GREAT!! We really had a wonderful time just hanging out & relaxing.
Here's some pics from that weekend 

 Then for Christmas we were at my mom's house and that's where Santa met us ;) On Christmas morning Kyndal ran in the room to announce to myself & LC that "Santa's real!! He's really real!! You see he ate some of the cookie and drank the hot chocolate". Now needless to say ya'll she had to pass the gifts to pick up the plate with the cookies and hot chocolate and somehow she overlooked the gifts, so we had to send her back out there to check out her gifts. Well once she saw all that Santa left for her she tried to run back in our room but ended up going in the closet instead LOLOL. She said "OMG do you see all that stuff he left me . . .I am about to FREAK OUT!!" Trust me when I tell you we hollered laughing LOLOL!! She totally enjoyed all her gifts at my moms, then she went to her dad's then a few days later we went to LC's parents house and she got even more gifts. So lemmi tell you this child has a WONDERFUL & BLESSED Christmas!!! After an AWESOME Christmas it was off to the ATL to spend NYE with some of his friends then time to head back to CT but not without making a stop at some of LC's family friends house where we laughed ourselves silly. 
Here's some pics from Christmas

Now hold your breath for the NYE2010 pics

As I stated earlier it was a GREAT Holiday Season as you can see by the many pictures. Now its DOWN TO BUSINESS!! In about 13.5 weeks I'm competing in my 1st show of the season up here in CT and I'm trying to BRING IT!! This season I'm going to do what I should've last year and that's compete in Figure and I'll do 1 or 2 Fitness Model competitions too. So later stay tuned I'll be blogging about my competition prep and other things. I'm also planning on doing several vlogs along the way showing my workouts, giving updates and just rambling on about whatever because sometimes I just need to get it out LOLOL!! Anyway stay focused and as always I'm wishing you much success on your journeys