Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 2: Using my Fat Burning Burnaces!!

Well its Day 2 of the 30 days till Turkey Day Challenge and as promised AM workout COMPLETE!! Now I mentioned yesterday I would do 2 a-days 3 times a week and I missed doing it on Monday b/c The Boss told me it was too late to leave and go back out to the gym since he wasn't at home to go with me. Soooooo I'm going to hafta do 3 days in a row of 2 a-days (Wed, Thurs, & Friday). A sista is gonna be beat but hey we working towards the MASTER PLAN!!
I got up EARLY this AM but instead of heading straight to the gym I had to wash this birds nest I call a head of hair first because it was TERRIBLE then I hit the gym for 45min of sweaty cardio. Now here's a lil fitness fact real fast . . .
  • 3500 calories to burn 1lb of FAT
Now we've had this discussion before about how that LOVELY muscle you're building will help you burn that stubborn fat. But I'll break that one down once more:
  • 1(one) lb of muscle burns 50 EXTRA calories (1lb of fat burns less than 3 calories
So now you know it takes 3500 calories to burn 1lb of FAT and you know that 1lb of muscle burns 50 extra calories lets put this Bad Boy together
  • 10lbs muscle x 50 cals each lb x 7 days = 3500 calories BURNED = 1LB LOST!
How bout we kick it up one more notch and say hmmmmm if we're doing our resistance training and building that SEXY muscle (which by the way is your GOD GIVEN Body Magic) then we add in some sweat filled cardio and burn somewhere between 300-500 cals each cardio session now you're kicking your weekly weight loss into another realm and you are using those FAT BURNING FURNACES to their fullest ability!! I have vowed to do enough cardio everyday to burn my 500 cals so doing that 7 days a week (which I'm going to do, but you don't have to take it to this extreme - REMEMBER I've been training like this for a long time and I'm working towards a LOFTY goal) I will assist myself in not only burning my first 3500 cals with that SEXY LEAN MUSCLE I've built but I'm burning another 3500 thru some sweat drenched cardio and in the words of my FB friend F.A. Harper AKA Air Harp BOOOOOYAAAAAAH I've hopefully burned my 2lbs of fat.

I have of course given a high level overview of this process and as time continues to go by in this Challenge I will break this concept down further along with discussing other things I've used to assist me in my weight loss journey and I'm still using today like Hormonal Timing created by my BELOVED & FEARLESS BUFFMOTHER!! leader Michelle. And I know many of you are doing or have done P90x with your boy Tony Horton who promotes the concept of muscle confusion which I have to admit is something I've been made to do since I started participating in sports back at the ALMIGHTY Spring Valley High School. I had old skool KUNTRY coaches and they didn't believe in mainstream ways of working out. So to keep the muscle building & fat furnaces going I am always incorporating muscle confusion through doing several different things and I'll share all those with you too. Anyway, I gotta run out to the post office cause a sista gotta mail something before I'm in hot water. I'll holla atcha later and we'll talk more then. As always feel free to comment, send me questions or just read and enjoy!!
Love ya