Friday, April 1, 2011

Let the countdown begin . . . T-minus 15 days

Competition season is OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!! With 15 days until my 1st show its time to ROCK!!

I know I have been hella quiet and that's HONESTLY NOT going to happen any longer because we're about to get this thing ROCKING & ROLLING. . . Once we're through this first competition I'm going to have some GREAT surprises for you all regarding the blog, training, workouts, recipes, and much, much more!! These posts for the next few days will be brief and mostly revolve around what I'm doing to complete my preparation and how my body is looking then we're gonna crank it up. Since I'm trying to keep my Mental Burden off my family this will be the perfect outlet for me to express what I'm going through and feeling as the BIG Event approaches.

Soooooo I'm gonna run to the gym and knock out my workout then I'll be back home blinging out my suit and I'm gonna take some pics for ya'll so you can see my 1st creation, of many I hope.

Stay Strong & Stay Focused and I'll be back in a few

P.S. . . . I've posted a ticker countdown @ the top of my blogs and I'll keep adding them as shows, events, etc come up. I'll do the same for you and whatever goals you want to work towards to.