Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've admitted numerous times I am very weak & have little to NO willpower/self-control when it comes to nuts & trailmix. Now this wouldn't be a bad thing if I didn't eat them in  such OBSCENE quantities. By doing this for the past few weeks (let's be real . . . MONTHS) it has caused some unwanted weight gain and a major disappoint with self. I've said I would stop several times then I immediately give in for this reason or that reason after a day or so. Well we're approaching almost a week with NO Nuts or Trailmix and I'm honestly vowing to gain self-control over this demon that I've let have power over me for TOOOOOO long. I have long term goals in mind and allowing myself to be controlled by something instead of me controlling it will NOT get me to where I want to be!!

We ALL have a weaknesses. . .be it food, drink, activities, people, etc that aren't necessarily beneficial for us and to our long term goals but what are we doing about it?!?! Are we trying to gain control over them or are we continuing to let these things control us? It's not necessarily about saying NO to things things FOREVER but it is about saying NO for Right Now!! Having the strength to say NO for now and really mean it is a VERY EMPOWERING feeling. By gaining back some my power everyday I become stronger & stronger and I further know that there's NOTHING I can't put my mind to and accomplish. It also lets me know that what I thought I "had" to have or "had" to do wasn't really a necessity at all but more of a want or a crutch that I used to lean on for when I was going through something. I would turn to nuts & trailmix when I was feeling bad (illness), when I wasn't thinking highly of myself, when someone aggravated me, when I was pinched for time but NOT out of time and could've made a better choice, when I was claiming to be hungry from my competition dieting and here's the BIGGEST one. . . when I was accepting DEFEAT and just deciding it was better to give up & participate in self sabotage. . . WELL NO MORE because I AM STRONGER THAN MY BIGGEST WEAKNESS!! I am no longer a vessel that can be easily controlled by outside forces. With the guidance of God, self-discipline, and determination to be the BEST me that I know I can be I will work tirelessly everyday to say NO to these weaknesses and regain a little piece of me with everyday that passes.


ps . . .the 1st step in this process is ADMITTING you weaknesses because contrary to what people may lead you to believe we ALL have weaknesses & things that can lead to our downfall