Monday, May 24, 2010

Plan, Prepare then PROSPER!!!

For those of you who know me and know my mommy you knows she's hella organized and she is all about being PREPARED!! So growing up I used to talk so much trash about all this organizing and all this preparing and what not cause I just thought she was INSANE. Well as it would be the Lord BLESSED me to live long enough to 1) live on my with others & on my own and 2) have a child & responsibilities of my own. When those things occurred (Thankfully not all at the same time) I realized this lady wasn't as crazy as I once told myself she was and I also realized her habits had rubbed off on me. I really found out how bad I had it once I had my daughter and I had things lined up, bought special organization things for her closet, drawers, bottles, etc. Also how I line everything up in the pantry and what not. . . it's almost sickening but hey it makes life flow smoothly for me. And when I'm not organized please believe it makes me NERVOUS & UNEASY and things get outta whack really quick.

Soooooooooo how does all this relate to your Health & Fitness!?!? Taking care of your Health & Fitness is an everyday part of your life just like everything else so why not take the time to plan, prepare & prosper in that avenue too. I will give you a good example by using myself. I am extremely well prepared during the week by cooking my meals on Sunday for Monday - Wednesday then normally cooking again on Wednesday for Thursday - Saturday, but when the weekends come I tend to mess up with my meal times and have so many gaps in my meals and skipped meals or even grab something in a hurry cause its time to eat and I don't have my food with me. The same applies for my weekday & weekend workouts. During the week I'm on point with my times because like most of you I have a job, kids & things that need to be accomplished so I know I'm going to get up @ 6am, eat by 630am, out the door by 730am, in the gym by 8-815am and the day continues from there. But again the weekend comes and I'm like well I'll get up when I get up and I'll get there and get it done and normally it turns into a rushed mess and I miss my full workout or sometimes don't get one. Well are these weekend SABOTAGES getting me to my goals . . . I'll safely say NO!!

Now how are we gonna correct this . . . .we're going to PLAN, PREPARE & ultimately PROSPER!! For starters if you're not mapping out your weekday game plan YOU NEED TO BEGIN NOW!! I'm a notebook, calendar, Blackberry person and I try to keep everything organized using a combination of those 3 things. The key is to find what's going to work best for you and start implementing it. Some things are going to for the most part remain consistent, you go to work at X time, kids go to school & get out of school/camp at Y time, you want them in bed by Z time and so forth and so on sooooooooo by knowing all of this you can figure out how and when you're going to get your workouts in. Once you've mastered the weekdays the EVIL WEEKEND SABOTAGE is next!! This one is soooooo much harder but YOU CAN DO IT!! Again some things are going to be consistent like sports practices, hair & nail appointments and all the other fun stuff we do on the weekends. But the good about the weekends is the workout can be a ALL INCLUSIVE thing with the family!!No matter what you do or how you have to do it YOU MUST START PLANNING, PREPARING & THEN PROSPERING!!!

Love Ya

PS. . . How could I forget the most important part. Just like getting your daily / weekly schedule organized you'll need to do the same for your meals (yourself & your family). This will also help in SAVING MONEY & TIME (which is important to most of us). But the key is to plan, Plan, PLAN!!! Then prepare, Prepare, PREPARE!! Make your meal plan out for yourself & the family or one just you and one for the family (depending on what you're training for), hit the grocery store and purchase JUST what you need to facilitate your meal plan. This way you're ensuring there's not a lot of excess snacks in the house to tempt you. Of course you can't deny your family & kids but try picking healthier snacks that would serve a better nutritional purpose for them other than cookies and candy that way if you break down and have some it won't be wrecking your diet. Soooooooooooo now you've PLANNED & PREPARED both your daily workout schedule & your meal plan and you have NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO . . . PROSPER