Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I QUIT and I couldn't be happier!!

I took my own dayum advice today and I'm making things happen. . . as most of you know I have 2 jobs (my full-time bread & butter and a part-time job that I was using to catch up on some bills and what not). Well for starters neither of these jobs are in the field that I'd like to ultimately find myself one day which is Health & Fitness and that right there is a HUGE problem. Sooooooooooo I QUIT!! That's right I QUIT my part-time job and tomorrow I have a meeting at a personal training studio to hopefully start training there (keep me in your prayers regarding that opportunity).
For years (and I mean years) I've been sitting on my certifications and not training and saying one day, one day, one day. . . WELL TODAY IS THE DAY! I'm tired of putting off tomorrow what can & should be done today. I was planning on doing it around Christmas or the first of the year but I said to H#LL with it and did it today. Now I know it was a hasty move but it felt GREAT!! It's time to walk in my calling and this was the first step.
As always love ya & continuing to pray for your success

Who Gone Check Me Boo?!?!

Ohhhhhhhhh yes it's bout to be one of those blogs. . . but before I begin let me preface this by saying this is a PG-13 blog so I may give reference to or say a profane word or two. I apologize now if I offend anyone but its not meant to be harmful. . . .oooooooook now that we got that out of the way back to the subject
"Who Gone Check Me Boo?!?!"
Yeah that's right Who's gonna check me . . . Well it looks like I'm gonna check myself. I mean what better person to dig in your shyt then yourself. 21 days ago I started my 30 days till Turkey Day Challenge and I was partially there mentally but I think after these last few days I'm completely there and ready to get my arse in gear. I internalize a lot of my feelings & thoughts about my weight, my fitness & reaching my goals and only share them with my homegirl Kendra from time to time. And when I share how I'm feeling then go back and read over all the dayum complaining, b*thcing and moaning that I'm doing I get on my own freaking nerves!! I mean if I was working out with someone and they were doing all that complaining I would dig in their shyt so quick they wouldn't know what hit them so I think its time I do the same thing for myself. Funny how I can dish it, but I can't seem to take my own medicine. 
Having been through complete H#LL over the last 6 years why in the world am I allowing myself to participate in such self destructive behavior and mentally tear myself down. Shoot that's what others did to me over the last 6 years and I absolutely HATED IT and I have enjoyed looking back at them and saying "How ya like me now". But my question is why in the Sam H#LL am I doing it to myself?!?! Back then I was made to feel like pure T shyt, like I was inadequate, less than, like I would never succeed, that what I was doing by trying to loose the weight was FOOLISH all in all I was talked about and talked to like a pure T dog and its upsetting just thinking about it. But I made it through so why am I at this crossroads right now. I look in the mirror and all I see and hear are those terrible comments and sometimes I can't shake'em but guess what . . . The Buck Stops Here. . . right here right now!!! There are 6 weeks left in the year and then its time for some serious a$$ kicking on the stage next year, but I'm no longer going to treat my training like I'm in or out of competition season because I'm about to be ON at all times!! Spreading the word of health & fitness is what I want to do and being that I've been through hell and back to get where I am today and where I will be in the future I feel like I'd be a good spokesperson. 

Sooooooooooo Kenisha (yes that' my real name hehehe) . . . shake it off and get your ARSE in gear. Either you want it or you do, either you will or you won't be talking about the shyt and b*tching and complaining ain't gonna getcha to where you need to be!!! I've been a prisoner to the negative things people have said and done to me too long and when I broke free from their jail I willing put myself in my own jail by feeding into everything negative I could think of. Well NO MORE!! 

so why aren't I working as hard as I can to get what I DESERVE. . . get to WORK
what am I waiting for. . . time waits for NO MAN and trust me waiting doesn't make you want it more
I can blame nor hold ANYONE else responsible for my success or failure but MYSELF
I can't continue to pray for success IF I'm not going to do the work & make the sacrifice to get it

Love ya'll and praying for all success for all of us!!