Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buried in the midst of boxes but still commited to the Challenge!!

Despite my silence over the last 2 days I haven't forgotten ya'll, my workouts or The Challenge. But ya'll things have been so HECTIC its unreal. Lemmi catch you up real fast then I'll give you the daily updates . . . for starters WE'RE MOVING!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh for that but what's made it slightly difficult was LC was outta town working the World Series. Now thankfully for both of us San Fran won and wrapped that bad boy up and he was able to come home yesterday. After 1wk away I'm glad to have him back!! I missed having him in the house to laugh with, cooking dinner for him, working out with him and just plain enjoying life. So needless to say my plans to blog last night after work were foiled because I spent time catching up with LC, then cooking & packing for our move (did I say YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH already hehehehe!!) Needless to say I really LOVE our new place. . . its Bigger, its Newer (ya'll they don't like new up here, so its hard finding newly built places) and its so Nice cause now I have my own office and LC is thrilled to pieces about that LOLOLOL.
So today is Day 8 in the 30 days to Turkey Day Challenge and its MEASUREMENTS time. 
  •  CD23 - cycle day 23 out of a 28 day menstrual cycle (again I'll explain what this really means)
  • height - 5'10 (well this is still 1 consistent measurement last I checked LOL)
  • weight - 155 (now this is only 1lb but I will admit that I've been weighing in daily and this past Saturday I dropped to 154 which was golden but I had some serious bloating over the weekend and still now)
  • bust - 32in
  • waist - smallest point (about 1in above my navel) = 25.5inlargest point (about 1in below my navel) = 27in (down .5in)
  • hips - 36in
  • thighs - BOTH 22in
The measurements in black are the consistent ones that haven't changed or won't ever change and the ones in purple are ones that have changed. . .YEAHHHHHHHHHH!! 
I've been working out everyday since the Challenge started and I've done enough cardio to burn at least 500 cals each time and if I continue on this track I could guarantee myself 5lbs lost before we even talk about nutrition and resistance training. So once we add those 2 major components in we will for sure be on track for our 10lb weight loss. This week we will discuss nutrition, calories needed to loose, maintain or even gain weight and the importance of protein, carbs, fats, etc.
I'm a lil scatter brained right now because I'm in the midst of boxes and what not but be patient with a chick cause I'm still trying to hold it down for ya'll. I'll be back this afternoon to summarize days 4-7 (Sat - Tues). I need to be taken to the woodshed and have my hips beat for letting myself get so side tracked that I couldn't keep in touch with ya'll. Hmmmmm beating my hips wouldn't be a bad idea cause maybe they'll get smaller LOLOLOL!! Alrighty I'll talk to ya'll in a few with those updates