Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I survived Reset Day1. . .

Well #UltimateReset Day 1 is in the books and I SURVIVED!!  LOL actually there was no question in my mind that I'd make it. However changing up the game and doing something you've never done before can give you a little anxiety because you don't know what to expect. Unfortunately my BUR (Beachbody Ultimate Reset) package didn't come as early as planned so I only had enough grocery to make it though breakfast. Now I'm not a big bread eater so this one was difficult for me to deal with mainly because I don't have bread in my house. I know that sounds crazy but its true. However I did have whole wheat Arnold's Sandwich Thins and that was good enough for me. I was also out of kale and only had spinach and I DON'T like  cooked spinach. . . .ewwwwwwwwww YUCK!! I'll eat it all day raw or mixed in an omelet but not just steamed by itself so I decided to mix it with my eggs, put it on top of my sandwich thins and make a "bootleg" egg & spinach sandwich. Hey when in doubt, figure a way to work it out ;)

After hustling to BJ's, Trader Joes, Walmart & my local Vitamin/Health food store to complete my shopping list, I was finally ready to go home and have lunch. And trust me I was HONGRY because I'd waited a little longer than expected to eat. Now it may not be necessary for you to visit more than 1 store to get the things you need but I did this because 1) several of those stores are right by my house and 2) I know I can purchase certain products significantly cheaper at certain stores. Going to your local Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Earthfare, Sprouts, etc should be sufficient to get the majority of your shopping done.
Lunch made me happy because it was salad and as ya'll know I LOVE Salads!! But what made this experience more entertaining than usual was I made my own Vinaigrette dressing using the instructions that are provided for you on both the DVD & on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset site. I'm here to tell ya I was very pleased with what I created because it was T-A-S-T-Y!!

Resting your body is a vital part of this process as you're already getting an internal workout with the Reset. So there's no need to put your body through strenous workouts. No worries though you're not going to loose any massive amounts of muscle and the rest that you've given your  body will repay you when you return to your workouts because you've allowed your body to rest & recuperate thus leaving your recuperated & recharged!! Despite not being able to train hard it is suggested that you stretch or walk so I figured what better way to stretch then to go to Yoga. Unfortunately due to the crazy traffic and rode blocks last night I was LATE so I didn't get to participate :( Instead I went home and preformed some stretches and began making dinner for myself & my family. Now dinner was INSANELY good!! OMG. . . nothing could've made me happier than to see salmon & asparagus on the menu. I was a little thrown off again because of the white potatoes as I don't eat those either, I'm usually a sweet potato kinda girl, but I stomached them anyway and had found everything to be very filling!! I also decided to start prepping some of my food for the remainder of the week which proved to be VERY SMART this morning. Ohhhh I'd like to add that I needed to have a Tropical Strawberry Shakeology +  12 almonds yesterday for a snack.

Stomaching the supplements that are required during the Reset was actually pretty easy. For days now I've been hearing others complain about the Alkalinize and its terrible awful taste but I chugged it right down with ease. I'm not sure if that's because of my years of teaching myself how to eat things that aren't otherwise appealing or if it just doesn't taste that bad in general?!? All in All it was a GREAT day and today seems to be going along just as smooth if not smoother :) I'm also weighing in daily and taking measurements with the tape measure only once a week. I will report to you the changes at the end of each week. I'll be back atcha tomorrow with a round up of how ends up going. Until then ya'll have a good one and make sure No matter the Situation or Circumstances . . . Get Up, Get Out, and Get'er Done!!

Kenisha (KQ)