Monday, August 30, 2010

Shhhhhhhhhh. . . Do you listen

To your body that is?!?!?
Well for the most part I do but sometimes I think I know better than my body and I don't listen. But this time listened and my body was telling me I needed some REST!! So that's exactly what  I did. I started my World Wind Tour on Aug 7th by rushing to SC for a friends Bridal Shower and it was non-stop since that point. As you already know after the shower came the competition,then final preparations for the my friend Brittany's Wedding and while I prepped for her wedding I started doing Crossfit and lemmi tell ya it's NOT for the faint at heart but it will for sure GET YOU RIGHT!! After the wedding it was time to get Miss Kyndal prepared for her first week of BIG School (that's what she calls it) and I was just TIRED!! So I decided last week while I got her together I would take a break from my workouts to give me body some much deserved REST.
If any of you are like me when it comes to a goal you want to accomplish and you feel like "Oh I just need to keep going, Don't stop, I'll get there but I gotta keep pushing". Well sometimes that's just not the mentality to have and that's such a hard lesson for me to learn but I'm trying. When you've been going Super Hard for a really long time and you don't take a much needed rest you run the risk of hurting yourself & your progress more than helping yourself. You stop seeing results, your body starts fighting you, fatigue and boredom come much quicker and that's sooooooooooo NOT what we want.I started competition training January 2, 2010 and I've been going HARD ever sense. I have competed in 2 shows and finally learned on 2 occasions (subsequently after both shows) to take a MUCH NEEDED BREAK!!
Now HOW exactly do you take this break and not hinder your hard earned progress. Well for starters this whole journey is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!! Its not just a diet to help you fit into a dress (women) or suit (men), look good @ a reunion or even participate in a competition. This is about learning to listen to your needs instead of your wants, about daily exercise and healthy nutrition to help you build that flawless body you've been wanting for so long. So honestly while taking this break you shouldn't feel the urge to over indulge and succumb to temptation. I mean we're tempted everyday all around us but we don't give in so why should this small break be any different. Now I'm not saying don't enjoy a cheat meal or even a cheat day BUT keep it in perspective. Everything's about moderation & healthy substitutions and that's what you have to remember. Stay tuned for another blog this week about choosing those healthy substitutions and how to eat in moderation while still satisfying yourself and not feeling hungry.