Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh to the Wellllll

YUP its that kinda mood!! And obviously from my title you can tell I DIDN'T get that call I was waiting for. But hey . . . Oh to the Well!! I am a little disappointed but I'm not discouraged. The only thing that's bothering me is getting back on track, which is really difficult right now. The reason its difficult is because I'm getting my personal training schedule together with my already busy schedule and its a little rocky, but again . . . Oh to the Well LOLOL because I gotta do what I gotta do to 1) take care of myself & my family (first & foremost) 2) better myself physically & 3) make a place for myself in the wonderful world of Health & Fitness. Things are going really good with the personal training and I see great opportunities and growth with the gyms I'm training out of. And now that I'm getting that schedule together I can get my training schedule together for my shows for next year because I'm trying to hit the stage with A MISSION & A VENGEANCE!!!
Lately my mind has been so clouded with input from everywhere & everyone but myself on how to diet & train, what shows to do or not to do, what division to be in or not be in to where I've about gone bout stone crazy! So now I'm turning off all those voices except for a few tried, true & trusted voices and I'm going for what I know. I'm going with old skool, in the trenches, back in the day grinding butt kicking, sweat filled, body aching workouts and let the cards fall where they may. I didn't get these 100lbs off just by chance and I keep confusing myself letting all this other stuff into my head. Don't get me wrong I know its time for a change, for a coach, for someone to watch over what I'm doing more closely but they have to be in line to listen to me and some of my wants in terms of how I want to continue to train not for LIFE not just for competitions. This is not something I'm doing just to walk the stage just for a competition this is something I'm doing to walk the stage of LIFE!! Well on that note I gotta run and cook.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh btw (by the way) I'm going to be on vacation from ALL my jobs starting Friday and I'm going to use that time to regroup and decide how I'm going to attack the blog and everything else that I'm participating in so there should be some GREAT changes and additions to come in the near future. As always Love ya and wishing you much success on your endeavors