Monday, November 8, 2010

30 days till Turkey Day - weekend wrapup (Days 10-12)

 WHEWWWWWWWWWW WHAT A WEEK/WEEKEND!! Moving all week, sweat drenched cardio workouts everyday, then to top the week off I had to "flip my wig" yesterday on a lady and let Shabakabuka out up in the grocery store. . . NOT whatcha want. So here's how it all went . .  .

After being in CT for 4 months I'm officially SETTLED!! No more living out of suitcases and boxes. . . PRAISE THE LORD, I feel so Happy & Blessed!! We did a lot of moving during the week but Friday & Saturday  were our BIG move days. I was able to still get a GREAT workout in Friday but Saturday all that walking up & down 3 flights of stairs with boxes, bags and everything else in between I had to call it a day cause my body was beat. After the move LC & I were like 2 big vegetables. . .we crashed on the couch, took a nap, got up and ate a quick bite, then BAM back to sleep on the couch for a night of seriously uncomfortable rest.
Sunday we were up early and because I suffer from the BIG "O" (organization) I had to start breaking things down and putting them up because I live by the Deloris Smith creed (that's my mom btw) "There's a Place for Everything & EVERYTHING in its PLACE!!!" The irony with that is this . . . before we hardly had enough space to put up the things we have, now we have MORE closets, drawers, & cabinets then we can use. But please believe I will find something to put in all these different nooks & crannies. After I had my bout with the BIG "O" I headed out for a loooooooooooooong ride on the CardioTrain!! I did 2hrs of cardio. . . I know that sounds crazy but it was a great mental release and also a release of the sweat & toxins in my body from my move.
Now here's were things got a lil scary, after my workout I went to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner and all was well until I got to the checkout line. This RUDE lady commenced to taking the grocery divider and shoving my grocery down as if to say "get this mess outta here". . . but Ok, I went along with it and didn't say anything but I took a mental note. Then I walked down towards the end to help the girl bag and what not and this same lady walks all the way to the end and stands infront of the debit card machine and basically I'm no longer even in the aisle. . . UMMMMMMMM EXCUSE ME MA'AM . . .do you mind if I finish getting my grocery before you push me out of the way, unless you want to do your good deed for the day and pay for it for me and if that's the case then you can stay right there. Well needless to say she grins and moves back and here's where the DRAMA starts. This other lady walks up and says "OMG what did that "black" girl say to you? Are you ok. . .did that "black" girl scare you? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Ya'll I flipped my wig and SHABAKABUKA came straight out and I let her know 1) I'm not a "black" girl I'm a GROWN woman and I'm standing right here and I can hear you & you will NOT disrespect me 2) the other lady was the one in the wrong and she needs to mind her own business. . . I was LIVID!! But oh well some folks are ignorant so chalk it up and keep it moving
Today is Day 13 of the Challenge and my cycle came yesterday so I'll do a separate blog for today and discussing your cycle and what all this means for your workout & weight loss. So talk to ya soon