Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are you relying on Body Magic or the MAGIC of your Body

Now going into this blog I have accepted the fact I may step on some toes, I may upset some people & I may even loose a FB friend of a blog follower BUT I wouldn't be ME if I didn't tell the TRUTH!!! This blog post is also manly for the ladies but fellla's you can listen up too because they sell Body Magic for men also.
OOOOOOOOOOOOK now that we've gotten the disclaimers out of the way let me go in on this subject. Lately on TV, in the celebrity blogs and on Facebook everyone's carrying on about Body Magic. Well honestly I was clueless because I don't pay a lot attention to some of these advertisements so I was like "What is Body Magic". So I looked it up and here's what it claims (DIRECTLY FROM THEIR SITE) Reshape YOUR body INSTANTLY . . . No Diets, No Exercise, No Surgery. . .

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!?!?! That's all I could and can say. Are you freaking fracking serious?!?! Now let me say this, I am not knocking girdles or fitted slip tops or items like that which will keep you from having too much jiggle or make you have smooth lines in your clothes. BUT THIS HERE IS ANOTHER SITUATION! As I combed over the site and listed to people talk about it and watched the infomercials it's claiming to reshape your body in 10minutes and you can loose up to 3 dress sizes. Well here's what I have to say to that. . . NO WAY, NOW HOW . . . NOT HAPPENING PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION!!!
It's very unfortunate that we have become a society of RIGHT NOW and seeing this product made me believe that more now than ever before. When it comes to your Health & Fitness its not a RIGHT NOW thing its a LIFESTYLE CHANGE and a PROCESS!! I'm sure all of you have heard this and you will unfortunately have to hear it again . . . ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS WORTH WORKING FOR!!! We want a good job we WORK on educating and equipping ourselves to get that job, we want a new car we WORK on saving and searching for that perfect car, you want a great relationship with your significant other and you WORK at making it happen. . . so what happened to WORKING FOR A HEALTHY & FIT BODY?!?! Truth be told the body is a perfect instrument created by God. In this perfect body that we have been gifted we possess an INTERNAL BODY MAGIC which is called MUSCLE!!! We will digress back to my blog post several days ago where I discussed the importance of resistance training which will help you build lean muscle which will in-turn help you burn more fat. Well that same lean muscle that you're gaining with the resistance training will automatically serve and your INTERNAL BODY MAGIC!!
I am 33 years old with a 5 year old (soon to be 6) daughter, I weigh between 150-155lbs and being that I am more into my health & fitness I am smaller now than I was when I was 23 and I weighed less back then. Now if that doesn't show you the positive affects of your INTERNAL BODY MAGIC I don't know what will. Muscle is a MAGIC thing and it can help you!! It can serve as your body's internal girdle, it can protect your bones, make you strong and if you're going about this entire process the right way you will most likely be healthy. People I just want you to understand there is no such thing as INSTANT!! Body Magic claims NO DIET, NO EXERCISE, NO SURGERY well guess what else . . . NO CHANGE in your body either. If you want a change you have to do something different and wearing Body Magic isn't it! Once you take that contraption off you are right where you started and possibly worse because it's been giving you a false sense of what you're really working with and you could've possibly allowing yourself to indulge more and exercise less which means you're putting on weight. This is a VICIOUS cycle and we MUST BREAK IT NOW!! There are NO MAGIC pills, NO MAGIC potion, NO BODY MAGIC contraptions that will replace hard work when it comes to changing your body. I'm sorry to be the barrier of bad news but I'm also the deliverer of the TRUTH!! So with this being said please feel free to comment, debate with me or agree you know all are welcomed here at any time!!
Love ya like always (regardless if you promote Body Magic or not)