Monday, May 10, 2010

Despite today's obstacles . . .

I pushed on and got my 1st workout in with MUCH success!! I'm feeling a bit down on myself for not pushing as hard these last several days since the show ended so I'm "wanting" to do a little extra without going overboard so I decided I'll get in some AM cardio.
Well today started off well with me getting up @ 6am and immediately eating my oatmeal & chicken breast then began getting myself together before I woke Kyndal up. Once I woke her up that's when things started going DOWN HILL!! For starters she's as DRAMATIC as a Soap Opera Star (wonder where she got that) and she was carrying on about being tired and her legs hurting which is what she says every morning cause she wants me to let her lay back down and watch TV. So anyway, we move on past that and its time for me to do something to her hair. Now someone PLEASE tell me if this child slept on top of her head last night b/c it was a WRECK. I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD, URGHHHHHHHHHH!! Needless to say what normally takes me 15-20min to do when I'm restyling in the morning too 45min again I say URGHHHHHHHH!! Now my plans of being to the gym @ 730am are COMPLETELY RUINED!! We finally get off to school and I'm stuck with just a few minutes before time to log into work so I decide to come back home, log in, look over mail talk to my mom then leave for the gym @ 9am. WELLLLLLLLLLLL that plan was spoiled when she told me about my grandmother still having a swollen hand and needing to go to the Dr. Now as ya'll know I live in CHARLOTTE, NC. . . they live in COLUMBIA, SC. . . why was I the one who had to call the Dr. who's also in COLUMBIA, SC.
Now after all that I FINALLY got a workout in. I had to take my lunch break EARLY and hustle to the gym and do the following:
  • 10min Arc trainer warmup
  • 15min Stairmill intervals
  • 5min cool down
M2 time came right before I left for the gym so I did 1 tbsp peanut butter with celery and once I got back home I ravished my next meal which consisted of 2 sweet potato patties & 1/2 cup turkey and egg white mixture. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Now I'm working and I'll go back to the gym this afternoon to do my Legs and prolly go stretch in the sauna which will feel like pure HEAVEN!!