Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Days & Counting . . . .

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh BUDDY!! We are in the final stretch for Show #1 for 2011, sooooooo here goes my favorite saying

Well if I haven't mentioned my plans for the season let me go ahead and take a brief minute to do that now. This the Lord has BIG PLANS for me and I'm just following his directions. So part of those plans include participating in several shows, really throwing myself into my fitness career & spending time with (and building) my family. 
Now let's tackle the first thing I mentioned which are my shows. I'm planning to do 5 (maybe 6) shows this year and they are as follows:

I really don't plan on doing anything because this year we'll be celebrating LC's 40th Birthday and that's HUGE so I want all my focus on that. But don't get it twisted I will be seriously maintaining my physique because per LC's repeated suggestion (harassment, LOL) I'm doing a few photoshoots.


Again nothing BIG planned but I may participate in some events at the Europa Battle of Champions here in Hartford, CT. There's going to be a HUGE expo and some other events going on so no worries I've been diligently working on getting myself involved in some form or fashion :) So I'll keep ya'll posted on that

August 13th: FAP Carolina Championship (this is a maybe)
I'm REALLY excited about participating in the WBFF Federation and I really want to involve myself in as many events with them as possible because I see BIG things on the horizon with them.

November 5th: WBFF New England Championship. . . This show is a MUST b/c it's being put on by my trainer Kevin Topka who is THE BOMB DIGGITY!! He has gotten this bullheaded chick on the right path and I know he will keep me there.

Now I know that's a hectic competition season but I think its perfectly spread out to keep me going and I've got a strategic plan to function at a new maintenance weight which is going to mean a World of Difference for me from here on out. And on top of all of this I'll be spending more time dedicated to my blog & building my business. As I told ya'll previously I am INSANELY thinking of and creating recipes for my Clean/Healthy Eats which is something I'm adapting from here on out. I've actually eaten very healthy for the past several years but we're going to take it a step further and clean things up. So in an attempt to do that I'm flooding myself with an abundance of information regarding certain ways of eating so I can create a plan that will work well for "me" and my family. In the process I will most definitely share with you my creative successes & failures, cause I'm sure there will be many of both LOLOL!! Anyway, its getting late and I'm tired and low on energy so I'm gonna do a lil more blinging on this suit then take it Doooooooooooown and call it a night :) 

Love my sweets