Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have a case of the 4 P's and I LOVE IT!!


I'll first begin today's blog by saying . . . I have 9 days until I step on stage and STRUT MY AWESOMELY HOT STUFF and I can't wait!!! It's bout to be on and popping like a pot of neck bones (what do you expect I'm a Kuntry Girl, LOL)
Now onto the REAL subject & reason for today's blog. . . The 4 P's . . .PRAYER, PASSION, POSITIVITY & PERSISTENCE!! I am having a SEVERE case of them and I'M PROUD OF IT!!

I mean helloooooooooooo this one speaks for itself but I'll speak for it and on it for a brief minute. Prayer honestly & truthfully CHANGES THINGS!! When I pray I'm able to clear my mind and turn things over to God (or whomever you worship) and remove it from my hands and leave it in his. A quiet moment of prayer allows me to see things that he has for me in my future and that is why I know without a shadow of doubt Victory Is MINE!! I know now more than ever I'm walking in the path & direction he has set forth for me.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Boy . . . if you know me you know I am a VERY PASSIONATE person!! In life, love and any activity/endeavor I involve myself in. Listen when I do or feel something, I do it and feel it to the FULLEST . . . I'm talking the 10th Power here!! Let's take health & fitness for example, man oh man when I get to talking about my story, my journey, my desire to help others, workout or nutrition tips, etc I get FIRED UP!! It happened to me just a few days ago in the gym, I was feeling sluggish as I pushed through my workout and a new client approached me about her goals and what she's been doing and I immediately perked up and was on the rampage. Unfortunately my passion can sometimes back fire on me because I'm guilty sometimes of wanting things for people MORE than they want it for themselves and that often drives me insane. I tried to tell myself to stop feeling that way & stop taking it personal and feeling so deeply about their success but the Lord (in prayer) told me NO. . . this is who you are and its what makes you a special person. So I'm going to keep being passionate about myself & my success along with the success and happiness of those around me. And if someone has a problem with it . . . welllllllllllllll I dunno what to tell you because this is me and I will be Kenisha Q. Smith to the FULLEST at all times :)

Ya'll this is one that was VERY hard for me and that's no lie. I have been insanely guilty in the past for having not so positive thoughts. I'm not sure if they can totally be labeled negative but they for sure weren't positive. Insane amounts of self doubt & questioning one's self existed in my life. An example of that was sharing my story with you all and thinking "no one cares what I have to say, they don't wanna hear my opinions, experiences, feelings, journey, etc". Well that coulda been the furthest thing from the truth come to find out. The non-positive . . .ok we'll just call it what it is . . . The negative thoughts were even affecting my progress as I prepared for this show and the ones in the past. OHHHHHHHHHH MY!! I can't even count how often I put myself down saying I wasn't "good enough, muscular enough, lean enough, that I had no business up there with those other women" and everything else you can think of under the sun. It was so bad I was getting on my own nerves and it took a few special people (Lawrence, Kendra & Carmen) to rip me a new bootay hole and set me straight. After being torn from limb to limb by all of them I had a serious prayer session and those thoughts have been the furthest things from my mind for awhile now and I have experienced nothing but Positive results & progress since then!! So Thanks ya'll . . . I Love all of ya'll to pieces and you know it!

Simply I can put this by saying . . . . I WON'T BE STOPPED!! I will continue pushing forward until I reach that place that has been set forth for me and I know it's within arms reach. And guess what . . . when I get there I will KEEP ON KEEPING ON and further advancing myself and challenging myself because that's what it's all about. Life is a continual mountain that you have to climb and once you reach one pinnacle/goal you set another goal and you strive until you reach it and keep going. . . If I wouldn't have done that I would've never experienced the success I have to this point and I'm not just referring to the weight loss, I'm referring to every goal I've ever accomplished in my life and will accomplish. 

Well this blog has kinda extended a lil past what I expected it to but ya'll know I'm a blabber mouth so I'm sure you're NOT surprised. . . I will bid you farewell as I kick my feet up, work & relax until I have to go train my clients and workout this afternoon.


ps . . .there's an extra one that's NOT exactly a P but I made it one . . .
I'm becoming a PHOODIE
(this is the KQ way of spelling Foodie. . . 
hey why else have a blog if you can't be creative with your word creations)
I LOOOOOOOOVE TO COOK & CREATE and I love to share that with my friends and family. I won't dive too deep into this one right now because I'm working hard on trying to start dedicating a portion of my blog to EATS. . . just know some goodies are for sure on the horizon in this category!!

Love U My Sweets!!