Friday, November 19, 2010

All I can say is . . I'M BLESSED!!!

I was quiet yesterday because I was deep in thought and I almost blogged but I'm glad I waited until today. I may have to number the things I want to talk about to ensure I get them all in LOLOLOL!!!!

  1. To have such a GOOD, SUPPORTIVE, NO NONSENSE man!! I have never held any punches when I told you all I have been through some tough things in the relationship world over the last several years. To now be in a relationship with someone I can call my BEST FRIEND, CONFIDANT, A$$ KICKER and several other things (hehehe) is a WONDERFUL thing!! When my ugly self doubt kicks in he is always there to encourage, support & push me. He is also there to wrestle me down to the ground to take food out of my mouth that I'm trying to sneak when I'm supposed to be on a strict diet (and YES he does do that. . .NO LIE). He is a great provider for myself & my daughter and is 100% behind me in living my dream to launch my career in the fitness world. Ya'll now that earlier this week (on Tuesday) I quit my part-time job on a whim because I was just tired of the BS and I called him and told him I did it and he said "Ok, no problem" then the next day (Wednesday) I had an interview and got hired to personal train at a new gym up here (hehehe YES I snuck that one in on ya'll) and he said to me Thursday how proud he was that I went out and got the job doing what I want I'm passionate about and that I didn't hesitate. Hearing him say that which is actually something so simple made me explode on the inside with joy because I knew I was doing the right thing and I have someone in my corner who knows & believes the same thing. Ok so enough about him. . . on to the next topic
  2. To know who I am & not let anyone sway me from what I believe & know is right & true!! When people see certain things in you that they themselves want or wish they had (I'm not just talking about material things, I'm talking about personality, drive, determination, motivation, fearlessness/bravery and anything else you can possibly think of) they try to do things to tear you down. There's something someone once told me and I will always remember it . . . .People HATE what they LOVE and want to be!! I know that sounds weird but think about it. . . you have all these qualities or material things that they wish they had and instead of encouraging & supporting you they hate on you, talk about you, heck talk down to you or are just plum T nasty. It's because they want to be walking in your shoes but oddly enough they have no clue what you had to do to get those shoes and how difficult that walk has been and still is. But when people throw this negative mess at you it sometimes makes you question yourself but through my journey I've grown so much and now there is no amount of hate, negativity or foolishness anyone can send my way to sway me or change who & what I am!
  3. I gotta wrap it up cause there's tons to do today so the final thing I'll mention is . . . I'm SO BLESSED to have the courage to STEP OUT ON FAITH!! July 1st 2010 I made the BIGGEST move in my life from NC to CT and please believe me everyone asked me if I was scared and said they would be and that was such a big & crazy move . . . BUT this has turned out to be the BEST thing I've ever done in my life outside of the move I made to Charlotte on a whim 11yrs ago. This is my first time saying this out loud to anyone other than my besties Michelle, Rebecca & Kendra but YES I was scared when I made the move because I didn't know what the future here in CT held but I had FAITH and TRUSTED in God and knew he would continue to provide & direct me in the way I should go and that's exactly what has happened!!! I have done so many things I said I would do when I was living in Charlotte but never did. I can't explain the EXCITEMENT I feel just thinking about what's on the horizon for me. I could get up out this chair and shout through this house and fall to my knees and say my Praises & Thanks to the Lord for his grace & mercy!! LC, my mom & friends will tell you that sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with happiness now I can barely contain myself.
So with that being said I'm going to end this blog for the day cause I hafta cook & pack to go see LC tonight in the NY and have some fun with him before I head back down south for the holidays. I love you all and I wish you all the success & happiness in the world. Please believe ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is possible with a little faith, strength, courage, determination, motivation and belief in yourself.