Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! This is how you PERSEVERE!!

I've been sooooooooo bad about blogging but I will do better starting next week, but TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!
5years ago I weighed in around 240lbs after having my daughter, now as I mentioned earlier I started off heavy too @ 190lbs before my pregnancy. Needless to say after having Kyndal I never would've believed this day would come. The task in front of me looked so daunting and so overwhelming it was unreal but being overweight and unhappy with the foreign body that I was living with was motivation for me to PERSEVERE and take this long journey. During these 5yrs I have been through it all but yet I PERSEVERED. . . . I had a child, got married, got divorced, I was emotionally destroyed by those closest to me, ended up so broke I had no idea where the next meal was coming from but I PERSEVERED!! I am a REAL PERSON living a REAL LIFE, dealing with REAL THINGS and still I let nothing sway me from accomplishing my goal of walking across that stage calling myself a legitimate Fitness Competitor.
No matter the outcome from tomorrows judging I AM A WINNER!!! No matter the outcome I will continue to PERSEVERE and move onto the next show and I will get better and better and one day YOU WILL see me on the cover of a magazine, in a fitness ad, endorsing fitness products and anything else my heart desires b/c I BELIEVE IN ME!! When no one else thought I could do it, when all the odds were stacked up against me as high as a mountain top I BELIEVED IN ME!! So many said it wouldn't be possible and doubted me along the way but with my FAITH and BELIEF and TRUST in God I was able to accomplish this goal and tomorrow will be the most GLORIOUS day of my life outside of giving birth to my daughter. I love you all and THANK YOU so much for taking this rollercoaster ride with me. I'm so happy I was able to motivate and inspire many of my friends and even people I didn't know who I can now call my friends. All of you mean the world to me and I think about you everyday and every step of this journey. I'm gonna wrap it up now but for those of ya'll who REALLY know me, they're about to see the REAL KQSMITH tomorrow and I'm about to be FREE till I'm FOOL b/c in my mind and in my heart I AM A WINNER!!
Love ya