DEADLIFTING 225lbs-1/17/12

30 IN 30 DEMO-7/2/11


 3 Part Video CONFESSIONAL-1/14/11
I decided it was high time I not only write down what I've been going through but express it out loud for everyone to hear. As I always say this has been a long but rewarding journey which honestly is never ending! Initially it was about weight loss now it's about a Lifestyle and I plan to live it as Fit, Fabulous & Fine as I can!!
Stay tuned for more videos

Some of my Cardio Ramblings while I test out doing my vlogs


A Lil Plyometric Fun-8/2/10
Playing around with adding videos . . . yippie skippy it's time to fire up the camera and start posting vids!!

Let's try one more

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  1. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing your story! I appreciate you for that! I'm in tears because you are who I use to be. I'm 5'9, currently 255 freakin lbs! Years ago, I got serious and went to a trainer and lost 90lbs., but it wasn't for me, it was to make an old flame see what he'd lost, but did it matter? NO! He never saw me at that weight, EVER! I literally went cold turkey via no carbs; no sugar or anything white except for egg whites; no red meat; no pop; only my fat free fudgecicles; a gallon and a half of water every day; grapes and apples; chicken; lean turkey and tuna, that was it! A protien drink in the morning, with my 12-16 egg whites; a cup of vegetables (yuck) at every meal; a protien drink at night, and 45 minutes on my stationery bike three times per week and 100 sit up's a night and (!BAM!) within six months I was hurtin' 'em bad, but I was miserable because I didn't do it for myself, and I've been struggling ever since. I too got married, but it ended after 11 years of being emotionally abused and fed. Now, I look like a fabulous H.A.M., i.e., Hot Ass Mess! I heard you today on the Michael Baisden show, and just KNEW I had to KNOW who you were, and what you did to get to where you are. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I commend you, and starting now, I will strive to get me back. THANK YOU KQ FOR SHARING, THANK YOU! BLESSINGS & BEYOND....