Thursday, November 4, 2010

Workout, Weather & my Wig (I don't wear a wig but you get it LOL)

Well what better day to discuss this issue then today because it's COLD & RAINING here in the Northeast and its Thursday which means "hair day" in my house. Now I will let you in on my other journey which is going natural with my hair and that hasn't been too big of a challenge for me when it comes to my workouts because I've always done my hair in-between salon visits. I'm thankful to my Grandma Cora who was a hairstylist for over 60yrs who taught me how to do my own hair and made sure I was always well equipped with the proper products and utensils to make it happen and trust me I did. Shoot I was rocking the doobie before it became popular cause that's how G-ma Cora would do it.
Anyway, so let's talk about dealing with your hair be it permed, natural or transitioning. . .I will admit I have it easy because my full-time job has me working from home so if I fail to do my hair or complete a style it's ok because no one will see me except LC and trust me if I'm starting to look real crazy he'll say "soooooooo whatcha gonna do with that wig or lion's mane". I threaten to cut it off all the time and he looks at me cross-eyed cause he knows I would HATE having short hair. So how do you still get your workouts in and maintain a presentable looking head. Well there's several hair blogs (natural, transitioning & permed) out there for you to go to and arm yourself with mountains of information. There are several key things to remember regardless of your hair status. . . it needs to be clean, moisturized and maintained. Just like we work at educating ourselves to get jobs, educate ourselves to get in shape, work at our relationships with friends & family we have to do the EXACT same thing with our hair.
I've been on this weightloss journey for over 5yrs now and the majority of that time I was permed and I maintained my hair by doing the following
  • washed & deep conditioned weekly
  • used a good leave in conditioner with plenty of moisture
  • styled my hair in several different ways that would allow me to workout & keep a presentable appearance -> braidouts, flexi-rod sets, roller sets, doobie, straight . . .I would rotate between these styles every week
  • moisturize every morning & night 
  • protect it at night by either rebraiding it, pulling it up in a high ponytail or re-wrap it
  • I always slept with a satin scarf or a satin pillow
Now that I'm transitioning I'm using all of the same principles with more frequency on the washing but instead of washing it with shampoo I do a lot of co-washing with conditioner and it serves the same purpose and my hair feels so much softer and moisturized. Unfortunately I'm having to alter a bit because its CRAZY cold up here and I can't walk around with wet hair like I used to in NC. I'm trying to setup a new schedule I can stick to which is co-wash, moisturize & style on Thursday in a way which will allow me to wear it until Sunday after church (with some touch-ups here and there). Then on Sunday that's when I dedicate several hours . . . I pre-poo for several hours sometimes depending on what I'm doing, then I do 1 wash with diluted shampoo, then 1 wash with a cheapy conditioner, then I deep condition (either under the dryer for @ least 45min or I walk around the house with a plastic cap on for several hours), Once I'm done deep conditioning I decide on a style and begin my process with a GOOD leave in conditioner, some coconut oil, one of my many frizz free products then I style. Since today's a hair day I'll take pics of what I look like now then I'll do my hair and I'll post pics.
Ok lemmi go cause LC is packing and keeps yelling my name and my head is dirty and its yelling @ me too. I'll be back with the final results