Monday, November 15, 2010

Attacked by the NOOK (10days till Turkey Day)

I've been out of sorts these past few days and not really been feeling like myself. I have to admit I was in a pissy mood starting Thursday night and that just wrecked my entire motivation to workout. I hardly slept Thursday so I was unable to wake up early Friday and get going @ my normal 630-7am so I decided I'd get a workout in midday but I was soooooooooo dayum tired I ended up taking a nap and that screwed the entire plan up. Then some of LC's co-workers invited me to a birthday party so I decided to hang out for a lil while . . . here's a pic from the evenings shenanigans. . .
It was a GREAT time and I'm glad I decided to get up and get dressed and hang with people for a change LOLOL!! So on Saturday I had planned to drive to New Haven, CT to visit one of my favorite stores IKEA and then I had a meeting with a trainer I'm thinking about working with for next years competition season. For starters we need to celebrate the fact that I got to New Haven & IKEA without getting lost. I am seriously directionally challenged so we're thankful for small miracles. Then I went to meet the trainer but we got our plans a little crossed and he was away at a show. Oh well there's always next weekend . . . so I headed back home and thought about going to the gym before going home but I was so hongry (yes I did say hongry) I couldn't think straight so I went to my beloved Whole Foods & trolled the aisles for a little while then bought a tasty salad, then went home and inhaled it. Guess I was tired from getting up so early Saturday AM that I fell asleep. Then came Sunday and again my plans were foiled. . . I wanted to get up early and workout, grocery shop, grab a few more items from the old house then go to church. Well I got up early and got started on my journey then I sat down for a few then went back to sleep. I mean seriously what's up with all the sleeping?!?! Guess my body decided I needed the rest, so hey I won't complain and just enjoy it.
But yesterday was a good day because LC was coming home from off the road. . .YEAHHHHHHHHH!! So in preparation for his arrival I did some extensive grocery shopping and cooked a special dinner for him that he requested consisting of t-bone steak, broccoli (and cheese sauce made from scratch), twice baked sweet potatoes & texas toast (which I only let him have every blue moon). Let me tell ya'll he devoured it and danced like usual which is a great thing. So we spent last night cuddled on the couch watching Family Guy, Football & the movie "It's Complicated" then off to bed. I was FOR SURE I would be making it to the gym this AM but when my alarm went off and I started getting out of bed that's when the NOOK attacked me. The nook is comfortable place I like to sleep when LC & I are all canoodled up underneath each other and as I tried to get up this AM he pulled me back down and sucked me into the nook. I mean I couldn't say no being that I haven't seen him in almost a week. So I'm a LAZY BUM and I'm really beating myself up for my poor work ethic these last few days. I'm seriously getting back on track because there's only 10days left till Turkey Day and its still possible for me to make my goal.
Holla atcha later