Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will Work(OUT) 4 Food!!!

YES you read that right . . . I said it . . . I will WORKOUT 4 FOOD!!! Now you're probably wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD I'm talking about and I will explain . . .

this is Kendra . . . She's SO AWESOME!!
Thanks to a WONDERFUL FRIEND, MOTIVATOR, TEACHER, INSPIRATION & so many other adjectives I can think of to describe my girl Kendra I have adopted this theory and needless to say IT WORKS!! For starters I eat at least 5 times a day and I eat Healthy & Clean almost all the time. . . BUT I still make myself "work for those meals". For example, in the AM when I wake up I will either do my cardio or my entire workout before having my 1st meal. Then for the remainder of the day (when time permits) I will do abs, pushups, etc 30min prior to having my meal that way I feel as though I've earned it. Now again those meals are Healthy and/or Clean so its not like I'm working hard so I can eat junk because that's NOT happening!! Doing this prior to each meal also helps me keep my mind focused on the goals at hand.

Sooooooooo how does this apply to you and how can you try to adapt this principle. Unlike me I know most of you don't work from home so that does allow me the ability to do a lot of different things before my meals but you can adjust it to work for you. Let's say you work in an office building and you have 1hr for lunch, welllllllllllll then why not lace up your sneakers and walk the stairs in the building for 15min then you have the remaining 45min to enjoy your meal and rest. If the weather permits then go for a brief stroll around the parking lot or walk to the restaurant where you're planning to have lunch. At any rate Do Something before eating your meals and you will feel as though you've earned them and in turn you'll cherish them more and start making better choices because you don't want your work to be in vain ;)

Now I will honestly tell ya'll that I took this theory to a NEW level today when I did my workout then took spin class where we got our butts KICKED!! Not only this this instructor hard under normal circumstances but he decided to turn it up a notch today. . . for starters NO music, then he didn't spin so he could walk around and adjust our tension when he felt we weren't working hard enough, then he stopped class early so we could do abs & pushups. Since we have men in our class he'll challenge the men to do X number of pushups then the ladies can stop . . . welllllllll needless to say he puts me in the "men" category and today he challenged me to 100 and PLEASE BELIEVE I BEAT THE OTHER MEN and the ladies were eternally grateful because they were tired. So after pushing myself as hard as possible lifting, then again in spin class I think I EARNED my meal . . . I rushed home and enjoyed a BIG plate of kale & chick breast w/a some sweet potatoes (gotta replenish those carbs expended during that workout). I will now kick my feet up, get back to work and when my next meal rolls around in 3hrs I yet again do "something" to earn it. Since I've done a gazillion pushups & abs just recently I'll probably do body squats or lunges or whatever else I can think of but I will do SOMETHING in order to "Work(out) 4 Food"!!!

 Much Love . . .