Friday, November 19, 2010

All I can say is . . I'M BLESSED!!!

I was quiet yesterday because I was deep in thought and I almost blogged but I'm glad I waited until today. I may have to number the things I want to talk about to ensure I get them all in LOLOLOL!!!!

  1. To have such a GOOD, SUPPORTIVE, NO NONSENSE man!! I have never held any punches when I told you all I have been through some tough things in the relationship world over the last several years. To now be in a relationship with someone I can call my BEST FRIEND, CONFIDANT, A$$ KICKER and several other things (hehehe) is a WONDERFUL thing!! When my ugly self doubt kicks in he is always there to encourage, support & push me. He is also there to wrestle me down to the ground to take food out of my mouth that I'm trying to sneak when I'm supposed to be on a strict diet (and YES he does do that. . .NO LIE). He is a great provider for myself & my daughter and is 100% behind me in living my dream to launch my career in the fitness world. Ya'll now that earlier this week (on Tuesday) I quit my part-time job on a whim because I was just tired of the BS and I called him and told him I did it and he said "Ok, no problem" then the next day (Wednesday) I had an interview and got hired to personal train at a new gym up here (hehehe YES I snuck that one in on ya'll) and he said to me Thursday how proud he was that I went out and got the job doing what I want I'm passionate about and that I didn't hesitate. Hearing him say that which is actually something so simple made me explode on the inside with joy because I knew I was doing the right thing and I have someone in my corner who knows & believes the same thing. Ok so enough about him. . . on to the next topic
  2. To know who I am & not let anyone sway me from what I believe & know is right & true!! When people see certain things in you that they themselves want or wish they had (I'm not just talking about material things, I'm talking about personality, drive, determination, motivation, fearlessness/bravery and anything else you can possibly think of) they try to do things to tear you down. There's something someone once told me and I will always remember it . . . .People HATE what they LOVE and want to be!! I know that sounds weird but think about it. . . you have all these qualities or material things that they wish they had and instead of encouraging & supporting you they hate on you, talk about you, heck talk down to you or are just plum T nasty. It's because they want to be walking in your shoes but oddly enough they have no clue what you had to do to get those shoes and how difficult that walk has been and still is. But when people throw this negative mess at you it sometimes makes you question yourself but through my journey I've grown so much and now there is no amount of hate, negativity or foolishness anyone can send my way to sway me or change who & what I am!
  3. I gotta wrap it up cause there's tons to do today so the final thing I'll mention is . . . I'm SO BLESSED to have the courage to STEP OUT ON FAITH!! July 1st 2010 I made the BIGGEST move in my life from NC to CT and please believe me everyone asked me if I was scared and said they would be and that was such a big & crazy move . . . BUT this has turned out to be the BEST thing I've ever done in my life outside of the move I made to Charlotte on a whim 11yrs ago. This is my first time saying this out loud to anyone other than my besties Michelle, Rebecca & Kendra but YES I was scared when I made the move because I didn't know what the future here in CT held but I had FAITH and TRUSTED in God and knew he would continue to provide & direct me in the way I should go and that's exactly what has happened!!! I have done so many things I said I would do when I was living in Charlotte but never did. I can't explain the EXCITEMENT I feel just thinking about what's on the horizon for me. I could get up out this chair and shout through this house and fall to my knees and say my Praises & Thanks to the Lord for his grace & mercy!! LC, my mom & friends will tell you that sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with happiness now I can barely contain myself.
So with that being said I'm going to end this blog for the day cause I hafta cook & pack to go see LC tonight in the NY and have some fun with him before I head back down south for the holidays. I love you all and I wish you all the success & happiness in the world. Please believe ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is possible with a little faith, strength, courage, determination, motivation and belief in yourself.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No more shoulda, coulda, woulda, gonna or about to. . .

This edict was handed down by Dallas's one & only superstar Kendra :) Like I told ya'll yesterday she's the one who listens to all my insanities because LC ain't trying to hear any of the nonsense that comes out of my mouth. I complain and whine and he looks at me like I'm pure T insane.
But I'm most guilty of saying a lot about what I'm gonna do, about to do, shoulda done, coulda done, or would like to do. Heck doing it gets on my nerves so I know it irritates those closest to me cause trust me I ramble on a lot. So what does that mean. . . it means its TIME OUT for that and it's Time for Action!! I'm not going to talk about anything until I've actually done what it was that I set out to do or I'm in the midst of doing it because it actually upsets me to keep mentioning these things and never completing them. LC said something to me a few weeks ago and I really took it to heart. . . . he said "Now you have to keep the momentum going" and he was absolutely 100% on the money with that one. Not only will I keep the momentum going but it is WAR!! I am very guilty of loving camouflage especially when paired with pink so I've pulled all my camo out of the closet and I'm prolly gonna re-up on a more because I am a soldier and like I said its WAR and I hafta be prepared. Something about stepping out on Faith yesterday and quitting my part-time job has given me a rejuvenated spirit and I'm ready for my success which is within my reach.
 By the way, it's Day 22 (8 more days till Thanksgiving) and I'm still committed to my 30 day challenge. I pray I reach my weightloss goals and I'm doing everything I can to get there but if not I will keep on pushing . . . ummmmmm after Thanksgiving Dinner that is LOLOL!! I have to allow myself 1 day of enjoyment then it's back to business. Oh well I hafta go now because I have a meeting at a personal training studio later and I've got errands to run before then. Ya'll hold it down and I'll talk to ya later

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I QUIT and I couldn't be happier!!

I took my own dayum advice today and I'm making things happen. . . as most of you know I have 2 jobs (my full-time bread & butter and a part-time job that I was using to catch up on some bills and what not). Well for starters neither of these jobs are in the field that I'd like to ultimately find myself one day which is Health & Fitness and that right there is a HUGE problem. Sooooooooooo I QUIT!! That's right I QUIT my part-time job and tomorrow I have a meeting at a personal training studio to hopefully start training there (keep me in your prayers regarding that opportunity).
For years (and I mean years) I've been sitting on my certifications and not training and saying one day, one day, one day. . . WELL TODAY IS THE DAY! I'm tired of putting off tomorrow what can & should be done today. I was planning on doing it around Christmas or the first of the year but I said to H#LL with it and did it today. Now I know it was a hasty move but it felt GREAT!! It's time to walk in my calling and this was the first step.
As always love ya & continuing to pray for your success

Who Gone Check Me Boo?!?!

Ohhhhhhhhh yes it's bout to be one of those blogs. . . but before I begin let me preface this by saying this is a PG-13 blog so I may give reference to or say a profane word or two. I apologize now if I offend anyone but its not meant to be harmful. . . .oooooooook now that we got that out of the way back to the subject
"Who Gone Check Me Boo?!?!"
Yeah that's right Who's gonna check me . . . Well it looks like I'm gonna check myself. I mean what better person to dig in your shyt then yourself. 21 days ago I started my 30 days till Turkey Day Challenge and I was partially there mentally but I think after these last few days I'm completely there and ready to get my arse in gear. I internalize a lot of my feelings & thoughts about my weight, my fitness & reaching my goals and only share them with my homegirl Kendra from time to time. And when I share how I'm feeling then go back and read over all the dayum complaining, b*thcing and moaning that I'm doing I get on my own freaking nerves!! I mean if I was working out with someone and they were doing all that complaining I would dig in their shyt so quick they wouldn't know what hit them so I think its time I do the same thing for myself. Funny how I can dish it, but I can't seem to take my own medicine. 
Having been through complete H#LL over the last 6 years why in the world am I allowing myself to participate in such self destructive behavior and mentally tear myself down. Shoot that's what others did to me over the last 6 years and I absolutely HATED IT and I have enjoyed looking back at them and saying "How ya like me now". But my question is why in the Sam H#LL am I doing it to myself?!?! Back then I was made to feel like pure T shyt, like I was inadequate, less than, like I would never succeed, that what I was doing by trying to loose the weight was FOOLISH all in all I was talked about and talked to like a pure T dog and its upsetting just thinking about it. But I made it through so why am I at this crossroads right now. I look in the mirror and all I see and hear are those terrible comments and sometimes I can't shake'em but guess what . . . The Buck Stops Here. . . right here right now!!! There are 6 weeks left in the year and then its time for some serious a$$ kicking on the stage next year, but I'm no longer going to treat my training like I'm in or out of competition season because I'm about to be ON at all times!! Spreading the word of health & fitness is what I want to do and being that I've been through hell and back to get where I am today and where I will be in the future I feel like I'd be a good spokesperson. 

Sooooooooooo Kenisha (yes that' my real name hehehe) . . . shake it off and get your ARSE in gear. Either you want it or you do, either you will or you won't be talking about the shyt and b*tching and complaining ain't gonna getcha to where you need to be!!! I've been a prisoner to the negative things people have said and done to me too long and when I broke free from their jail I willing put myself in my own jail by feeding into everything negative I could think of. Well NO MORE!! 

so why aren't I working as hard as I can to get what I DESERVE. . . get to WORK
what am I waiting for. . . time waits for NO MAN and trust me waiting doesn't make you want it more
I can blame nor hold ANYONE else responsible for my success or failure but MYSELF
I can't continue to pray for success IF I'm not going to do the work & make the sacrifice to get it

Love ya'll and praying for all success for all of us!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Attacked by the NOOK (10days till Turkey Day)

I've been out of sorts these past few days and not really been feeling like myself. I have to admit I was in a pissy mood starting Thursday night and that just wrecked my entire motivation to workout. I hardly slept Thursday so I was unable to wake up early Friday and get going @ my normal 630-7am so I decided I'd get a workout in midday but I was soooooooooo dayum tired I ended up taking a nap and that screwed the entire plan up. Then some of LC's co-workers invited me to a birthday party so I decided to hang out for a lil while . . . here's a pic from the evenings shenanigans. . .
It was a GREAT time and I'm glad I decided to get up and get dressed and hang with people for a change LOLOL!! So on Saturday I had planned to drive to New Haven, CT to visit one of my favorite stores IKEA and then I had a meeting with a trainer I'm thinking about working with for next years competition season. For starters we need to celebrate the fact that I got to New Haven & IKEA without getting lost. I am seriously directionally challenged so we're thankful for small miracles. Then I went to meet the trainer but we got our plans a little crossed and he was away at a show. Oh well there's always next weekend . . . so I headed back home and thought about going to the gym before going home but I was so hongry (yes I did say hongry) I couldn't think straight so I went to my beloved Whole Foods & trolled the aisles for a little while then bought a tasty salad, then went home and inhaled it. Guess I was tired from getting up so early Saturday AM that I fell asleep. Then came Sunday and again my plans were foiled. . . I wanted to get up early and workout, grocery shop, grab a few more items from the old house then go to church. Well I got up early and got started on my journey then I sat down for a few then went back to sleep. I mean seriously what's up with all the sleeping?!?! Guess my body decided I needed the rest, so hey I won't complain and just enjoy it.
But yesterday was a good day because LC was coming home from off the road. . .YEAHHHHHHHHH!! So in preparation for his arrival I did some extensive grocery shopping and cooked a special dinner for him that he requested consisting of t-bone steak, broccoli (and cheese sauce made from scratch), twice baked sweet potatoes & texas toast (which I only let him have every blue moon). Let me tell ya'll he devoured it and danced like usual which is a great thing. So we spent last night cuddled on the couch watching Family Guy, Football & the movie "It's Complicated" then off to bed. I was FOR SURE I would be making it to the gym this AM but when my alarm went off and I started getting out of bed that's when the NOOK attacked me. The nook is comfortable place I like to sleep when LC & I are all canoodled up underneath each other and as I tried to get up this AM he pulled me back down and sucked me into the nook. I mean I couldn't say no being that I haven't seen him in almost a week. So I'm a LAZY BUM and I'm really beating myself up for my poor work ethic these last few days. I'm seriously getting back on track because there's only 10days left till Turkey Day and its still possible for me to make my goal.
Holla atcha later

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Challenge Day 16: The ONLY female?!?!

Yesterday I was quiet on ALL social networks including my blog but none the less I still got my workout in. Being that I only had to work 1 job yesterday I decided I'd do my workout midday and that's what I did.
Now I have one BIG question. . . WHY at almost every gym I do to (and I've been to a lot of gyms. . . I actually have 2 memberships here in CT) am I the ONLY female over in the free weights?!?! And why do men look at me like I have 2 freaking heads?!?!? C'mon ladies ya'll gotta join me over there because machines are not always your answer. Free weights are your FRIEND!! They include barbells, dumbbells, weight bars, kettlebells, and the weight benches (flat, incline & decline). Do women not go because of fear, too many men, uncertainty as to what to do or just not interested in lifting free weights? I will admit sometimes there's a few ladies over there with me and we are almost drawn to one another and somehow we'll eventually speak and get to know each other because we know we belong to a small weightlifting sorority hehehe!! But on the serious note I really wish more females would join me in the free weight section because it could mean a world of difference when it comes to the results you're getting. Anyone can sit on a machine and let it control their stability and their range of motion but it takes work to balance yourself, keep your core tight, keep your range of motion steady and under control while executing the exercise. LC is gonna kill me for saying this but he was a machine lover once himself but I got him off of the machines and back into free weights and its made a world of difference. His core has tightened up tremendously, his balance & stability has gotten way better and his power & strength are going through the roof. So with all this being said PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ya'll start joining me in the free weights and let's show those boys how to really pump some iron and maybe they'll stop looking at me like I'm crazy and do their own dang workouts. And I promise after I get my new video camera I'll start recording some of my workouts and posting them for ya'll to see.
Oh well. . . I'm cutting it short today because I'm feeling a little off. I'm not sick or anything I just feel weak & light headed. Prolly because I need to eat some more cause like a bad girl I waited a long time after my workout to eat and that affects me very badly. So love ya as usual and I'll talk to ya later. OHHHHHHHHH I'll post stats for ya tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rowing my way to freedom. . .

Ooooooook for starters lemmi backtrack and give you the 411 on yesterday's workout. . .
Yesterday was Challenge day 13 and man I had a GREAT quick & efficient workout which consisted of the following:
  • 30min intervals w/Mr Stairmill (ya'll know how I LOVE him!! Bout as much as I LOVE LC hehe)
  • a nice good stretch (after my move a sista needed to stretch cause I felt like I was wound up tight as all outdoors)
Upper body workout: (Chest, Bi's & Tri's) - just a quick drive-by on those body parts to keep my muscle tone and everything tight. I'll get back to the heavy weights real soon but here's what I did

  •  flat DB (dumbbell) BP (bench press) 3 x 20 @ 30lbs
  • incline DB BP 3 x 20 @ 30lbs
  • ABS - knee ups 3 x 30reps
  • barbell curls 3 x 20 @ 40lbs
  • DB tricep kickbacks 3 x 20 @ 25lbs 
  • ABS - regular crunches 
Now I would've done more cardio but LC wanted to move a few more things from over at the other place and he wanted me to help him put his seats from his truck in the garage. So between carrying them God Awful heavy seats & walking up and down the hall at the old loft with that heavy box shoooooooooot that was workout enough for me.

Ok so back to today . . .Rowing my way to freedom is what I felt like today when I was on the rowing machine for 30min. That was a GREAT fullbody cardio workout because the upper body pulling /rowing action and the lower body pushing action was something serious. Shoot when I got off that machine I was like did I just row my way to freedom hehehe!! Then I did a real quick lower body workout. Listen ya'll just don't know I used to be "Dragging a Wagon"!! Heck back in the day when I was 150lbs and thought I was fit (ummmm found out later I wasn't) my old track coach used to call me "Big Seat". How embarrassing is that?!?! Now I'm no longer "Big Seat" and I'm not "Dragging as big of a Wagon" but I still got thigh & butt work to do and trust me I'm going to take a stick of dynamite to this "arse" and blow this thing up and pray it shrinks by half. I build muscle quickly especially on my lower half so sometimes I back off the super heavy weights and go for high reps & lighter weight (not baby weight just lighter, I'm still putting up big numbers compared to most. So here's a snapshot of what I did:
  • 30 min rowing machine
  • DB plie squat 3 x 30 @ 50lbs
  • leg press machine 3 x 20 @ 225lbs
  • single leg extensions 3 x 20 @ 30lbs each leg
  • single leg curls 3 x 20 @ 30lbs each leg
  • stiff legged dead lifts 3 x 15 @ 100lbs
I know ya'll are like "heffa them ain't not light weights" but trust me they are and one day they will be for you too. Please believe I didn't just walk in the gym and say "hello & how you doing" to the super heavy weights. I worked my way up to them and it has paid off. Don't be afraid of the increasing the weights because YOU WILL NOT GET BIG LIKE A MAN!! Instead you will continue to build some lean sexy muscle and everything will get tight and you will be walking around with your own "internal" body magic and all your homegurls will be jealous that you're not wearing a girdle or body magic to make yourself look good in that tight dress. HEHEHEHE ya'll know I'm crazy!! Oh well I gotta roll out cause LC is gone again :( but that means I can get everything from the move organized the way I want it without him being in the way LOLOL

Monday, November 8, 2010

30 days till Turkey Day - weekend wrapup (Days 10-12)

 WHEWWWWWWWWWW WHAT A WEEK/WEEKEND!! Moving all week, sweat drenched cardio workouts everyday, then to top the week off I had to "flip my wig" yesterday on a lady and let Shabakabuka out up in the grocery store. . . NOT whatcha want. So here's how it all went . .  .

After being in CT for 4 months I'm officially SETTLED!! No more living out of suitcases and boxes. . . PRAISE THE LORD, I feel so Happy & Blessed!! We did a lot of moving during the week but Friday & Saturday  were our BIG move days. I was able to still get a GREAT workout in Friday but Saturday all that walking up & down 3 flights of stairs with boxes, bags and everything else in between I had to call it a day cause my body was beat. After the move LC & I were like 2 big vegetables. . .we crashed on the couch, took a nap, got up and ate a quick bite, then BAM back to sleep on the couch for a night of seriously uncomfortable rest.
Sunday we were up early and because I suffer from the BIG "O" (organization) I had to start breaking things down and putting them up because I live by the Deloris Smith creed (that's my mom btw) "There's a Place for Everything & EVERYTHING in its PLACE!!!" The irony with that is this . . . before we hardly had enough space to put up the things we have, now we have MORE closets, drawers, & cabinets then we can use. But please believe I will find something to put in all these different nooks & crannies. After I had my bout with the BIG "O" I headed out for a loooooooooooooong ride on the CardioTrain!! I did 2hrs of cardio. . . I know that sounds crazy but it was a great mental release and also a release of the sweat & toxins in my body from my move.
Now here's were things got a lil scary, after my workout I went to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner and all was well until I got to the checkout line. This RUDE lady commenced to taking the grocery divider and shoving my grocery down as if to say "get this mess outta here". . . but Ok, I went along with it and didn't say anything but I took a mental note. Then I walked down towards the end to help the girl bag and what not and this same lady walks all the way to the end and stands infront of the debit card machine and basically I'm no longer even in the aisle. . . UMMMMMMMM EXCUSE ME MA'AM . . .do you mind if I finish getting my grocery before you push me out of the way, unless you want to do your good deed for the day and pay for it for me and if that's the case then you can stay right there. Well needless to say she grins and moves back and here's where the DRAMA starts. This other lady walks up and says "OMG what did that "black" girl say to you? Are you ok. . .did that "black" girl scare you? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Ya'll I flipped my wig and SHABAKABUKA came straight out and I let her know 1) I'm not a "black" girl I'm a GROWN woman and I'm standing right here and I can hear you & you will NOT disrespect me 2) the other lady was the one in the wrong and she needs to mind her own business. . . I was LIVID!! But oh well some folks are ignorant so chalk it up and keep it moving
Today is Day 13 of the Challenge and my cycle came yesterday so I'll do a separate blog for today and discussing your cycle and what all this means for your workout & weight loss. So talk to ya soon

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Workout, Weather & my Wig (I don't wear a wig but you get it LOL)

Well what better day to discuss this issue then today because it's COLD & RAINING here in the Northeast and its Thursday which means "hair day" in my house. Now I will let you in on my other journey which is going natural with my hair and that hasn't been too big of a challenge for me when it comes to my workouts because I've always done my hair in-between salon visits. I'm thankful to my Grandma Cora who was a hairstylist for over 60yrs who taught me how to do my own hair and made sure I was always well equipped with the proper products and utensils to make it happen and trust me I did. Shoot I was rocking the doobie before it became popular cause that's how G-ma Cora would do it.
Anyway, so let's talk about dealing with your hair be it permed, natural or transitioning. . .I will admit I have it easy because my full-time job has me working from home so if I fail to do my hair or complete a style it's ok because no one will see me except LC and trust me if I'm starting to look real crazy he'll say "soooooooo whatcha gonna do with that wig or lion's mane". I threaten to cut it off all the time and he looks at me cross-eyed cause he knows I would HATE having short hair. So how do you still get your workouts in and maintain a presentable looking head. Well there's several hair blogs (natural, transitioning & permed) out there for you to go to and arm yourself with mountains of information. There are several key things to remember regardless of your hair status. . . it needs to be clean, moisturized and maintained. Just like we work at educating ourselves to get jobs, educate ourselves to get in shape, work at our relationships with friends & family we have to do the EXACT same thing with our hair.
I've been on this weightloss journey for over 5yrs now and the majority of that time I was permed and I maintained my hair by doing the following
  • washed & deep conditioned weekly
  • used a good leave in conditioner with plenty of moisture
  • styled my hair in several different ways that would allow me to workout & keep a presentable appearance -> braidouts, flexi-rod sets, roller sets, doobie, straight . . .I would rotate between these styles every week
  • moisturize every morning & night 
  • protect it at night by either rebraiding it, pulling it up in a high ponytail or re-wrap it
  • I always slept with a satin scarf or a satin pillow
Now that I'm transitioning I'm using all of the same principles with more frequency on the washing but instead of washing it with shampoo I do a lot of co-washing with conditioner and it serves the same purpose and my hair feels so much softer and moisturized. Unfortunately I'm having to alter a bit because its CRAZY cold up here and I can't walk around with wet hair like I used to in NC. I'm trying to setup a new schedule I can stick to which is co-wash, moisturize & style on Thursday in a way which will allow me to wear it until Sunday after church (with some touch-ups here and there). Then on Sunday that's when I dedicate several hours . . . I pre-poo for several hours sometimes depending on what I'm doing, then I do 1 wash with diluted shampoo, then 1 wash with a cheapy conditioner, then I deep condition (either under the dryer for @ least 45min or I walk around the house with a plastic cap on for several hours), Once I'm done deep conditioning I decide on a style and begin my process with a GOOD leave in conditioner, some coconut oil, one of my many frizz free products then I style. Since today's a hair day I'll take pics of what I look like now then I'll do my hair and I'll post pics.
Ok lemmi go cause LC is packing and keeps yelling my name and my head is dirty and its yelling @ me too. I'll be back with the final results

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buried in the midst of boxes but still commited to the Challenge!!

Despite my silence over the last 2 days I haven't forgotten ya'll, my workouts or The Challenge. But ya'll things have been so HECTIC its unreal. Lemmi catch you up real fast then I'll give you the daily updates . . . for starters WE'RE MOVING!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh for that but what's made it slightly difficult was LC was outta town working the World Series. Now thankfully for both of us San Fran won and wrapped that bad boy up and he was able to come home yesterday. After 1wk away I'm glad to have him back!! I missed having him in the house to laugh with, cooking dinner for him, working out with him and just plain enjoying life. So needless to say my plans to blog last night after work were foiled because I spent time catching up with LC, then cooking & packing for our move (did I say YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH already hehehehe!!) Needless to say I really LOVE our new place. . . its Bigger, its Newer (ya'll they don't like new up here, so its hard finding newly built places) and its so Nice cause now I have my own office and LC is thrilled to pieces about that LOLOLOL.
So today is Day 8 in the 30 days to Turkey Day Challenge and its MEASUREMENTS time. 
  •  CD23 - cycle day 23 out of a 28 day menstrual cycle (again I'll explain what this really means)
  • height - 5'10 (well this is still 1 consistent measurement last I checked LOL)
  • weight - 155 (now this is only 1lb but I will admit that I've been weighing in daily and this past Saturday I dropped to 154 which was golden but I had some serious bloating over the weekend and still now)
  • bust - 32in
  • waist - smallest point (about 1in above my navel) = 25.5inlargest point (about 1in below my navel) = 27in (down .5in)
  • hips - 36in
  • thighs - BOTH 22in
The measurements in black are the consistent ones that haven't changed or won't ever change and the ones in purple are ones that have changed. . .YEAHHHHHHHHHH!! 
I've been working out everyday since the Challenge started and I've done enough cardio to burn at least 500 cals each time and if I continue on this track I could guarantee myself 5lbs lost before we even talk about nutrition and resistance training. So once we add those 2 major components in we will for sure be on track for our 10lb weight loss. This week we will discuss nutrition, calories needed to loose, maintain or even gain weight and the importance of protein, carbs, fats, etc.
I'm a lil scatter brained right now because I'm in the midst of boxes and what not but be patient with a chick cause I'm still trying to hold it down for ya'll. I'll be back this afternoon to summarize days 4-7 (Sat - Tues). I need to be taken to the woodshed and have my hips beat for letting myself get so side tracked that I couldn't keep in touch with ya'll. Hmmmmm beating my hips wouldn't be a bad idea cause maybe they'll get smaller LOLOLOL!! Alrighty I'll talk to ya'll in a few with those updates