Monday, May 7, 2012

The BOTTOM "Almost" Fell Out!!

This weekend turned out to be a hectic one and because of that the bottom almost literally & figuratively fell out but I was able to keep it together. As I mentioned earlier Thursday night, Friday & Saturday constitute the weekend here in the Coleman House so that's when we veg out & do nothing or we're busy like little worker bee's doing EVERYTHING and this weekend was the latter!! So let's just jump right in with both feet and lemmi say, what had happened was. . . .

DAY 5. . .
For starters as you'll notice there are NO pictures displaying the food that I was fortunate enough to partake in. Now this is NOT because I didn't eat because I did. However I was unfortunately all over the place after breakfast which began properly with the a cup of oatmeal & 1/2 cup of blueberries & some walnuts mixed it. If there's one thing I've grown to love its my oats! I use them for any and everything too. Not only are they a breakfast item for me but they serve as a binder when certain meals are calling for bread crumbs, I just grind them up in my Ninja and use them as a substitute and no one ever knows :)  After I trained my Saturday AM client I came back home & prepped breakfast for the sleepy heads then had prepped my own lunch which was the remaining Quinoa from the night before with hummus & a raw veggie plate, again I was right on task and still feeling good. So I know now you're wondering when & how did my day fall apart. . . .well seeing as though our impending nuptials are approaching we both found it to be important that we sought premarital counseling from a Pastor to ensure we were on the right path and a Blessing over our marriage. Of all the places we could've looked, we found our Pastor/Counselor on the radio here in CT. His name is Dr Charles T. Brantley and he is AWESOME. . .fits right in with the crazy, quirky personalities that LC & I have. You can also find him on Facebook if you'd like to keep up with his going's on. Anywho back on track as to what that has to do with the Reset and all. . . you see we had an appt on Saturday so as to be prepared I made us both a Tropical Strawberry Shakeology treat thinking that'd hold us over.Well it didn't . . .we went to the mall before our appointment to grab a few things and look at some possible bridesmaid dresses. As it turns out  it was VERY HOT up in that piece and by the time we began I wasn't feeling well. I drank my shake but things were still off because I was light headed and just couldn't focus so thankfully I ran into a restaurant grabbed some mixed fruit (melons, cantaloupe, grapes & watermelon) along with a handful of cashews and I commenced to killing them & leaving no prisoners :) Once counseling was over and we arrived back home I was NOT in the mood for Miso soup because I wanted to EAT. The stir-fry veggies from the night before were a welcomed repeat tonight but instead of brown rice I opted for quinoa. Now I have to be honest. . .I found myself still hungry as the night went on so I had to have a small salad and I did throw some nuts on there :( :( :( Unfortunately its gets a lil worse on DAY 6

Urghhhh the dreaded DAY 6. Things here just started off on the wrong foot. But we'll highlight the positive first 6 days in 5lbs down WOOT!! WOOT!! My mind is clearer & more focused, I'm sleeping good and hard and overall I'm feeling good & looking good. Bloatage (yes I made up a word) in my lower abdomen has reduced significantly despite even though I haven't been a hostage to the bathroom and skin is clear which is a sign of toxins and junk no longer being present in the body. Now let me deliver the not so good info to ya. . .breakfast was slated to be whole grain toast = NOT EATING, tempeh = NOT EATING, avocado = NEVER TRIED & kale. Well this just had me all kinds of messed up because I didn't want any parts of this meal so instead I opted for a Tropical Strawberry Shakeology w/a few berries in it because I actually wasn't hungry. Of course later I found myself a pack of wolves we'll call HUNGER!! Without even hesitating I ate a handful of LC's honey roasted mixed nuts :( I Know, I Know I KNOW. . .  I set myself up for that and I was utterly pissed, angry, and disgusted with myself. So quickly prepped lunch which included quinoa salad & a microgreen salad. Since I'd done the ultimate NO, NO with the cashews I passed on the quinoa salad and ate the microgreens where I tried avocado for the first time and it was AWESOME! I have no idea why I've been hesitating to eat this all my life but it was mighty tasty. And I want to give a shout out & a huge THANK YOU to all the ladies who posted avocado recipe ideas yesterday on Facebook when I mentioned my new found treat. Despite my enjoyment of the avocado I was utterly disappointed in myself and was starting to have feelings & thoughts of failure but I had to quickly shake that off and say "I am Human!" "I did not totally WRECK my Reset journey with that 1 handful" and "I will no longer find myself unprepared as I did today & yesterday". . . whewwwwwww back on track and just in time for dinner which was INSANELY GOOD!! Listen I love veggies with a passion but WHO KNEW?!?! That's right who knew combining zucchini & cashews to make a soup would be so tasty I almost found myself licking the bowl then licking my fingers LOL. Ya'll it was so tasty I have no words, even LC tasted some and said "hmmmm this sure tastes better than it looks". Then he kept getting more but I had to make him slow his roll cause that was my dinner hehehe!! So yesterday ended fairly good despite my slight hiccup & disappoint in myself when it came to preparedness & self control. But we're over that now and we're moving on. NO DWELLING ON THE PAST . . . What's Done is Done. . . Move on and DO BETTER!!

Stay tuned for the wrap-up of the RELEASE phase in tomorrows post where I will also cover the supplements that I've been taking these last 7 days and the additions I will begin tomorrow. As always Love ya and praying for much success along your journeys!! 

Slightly Changing the Game. . .

Hey ya'll I hope all is well on your end. So lemmi give you an update on my journey with the Ultimate Reset. Since we've last talked I've completed Days 3,4,5, & 6. Currently I'm on Day 7 and about to end Phase 1 - Reclaim. Now on these days I've had to make a few adjustments in the meal plan for several reasons:
  • There are certain foods I KNOW I don't like and I'm not interested in trying AT ALL!!
  • There are some items on the Reset that are Soy based products & choose not to eat those because of the high levels of estrogen. Being that I'm already struggling with a cortisol abnormality my estrogen levels are currently through the roof, so nooooo help needed from my EATS!!
  • Lastly I had to alter my eats because I got caught unprepared and ya'll know that's not like #MsAlwaysPrepared 
So lemmi give you a quick overview of each day. . .

  • DAY 3 
Now that I'm on the 3rd day of the Reset I find myself a lot more balanced and feeling balanced. Today's breakfast was a pretty much a repeat of Day 1 but instead of eating spinach I enjoyed my beloved kale :) I am here to tell you I left this meal feeling VERY satisfied because as you'll see in the picture I ate an obscene amount of kale and it was sooooo tasty!! Today was my Power Yoga class and I felt so much more flexible and open during my practice. I'm here to tell ya'll that if you're feeling tight & lacking flexibility, in need of a stress reliever or want to gain full body strength & control you should seriously look into Yoga. I know most people feel that its expensive but in the era of Groupons, Living Social deals and everything else they're sending us through email these days you'll be able to find a good deal in your area with no problem (I say this because I'm currently using a Groupon to attend my current classes & I just purchased another discounted month at another Yoga Studio in my area). Anywho lunchtime is when I started making changes but I stayed within the nutrients for the prescribed meal plan. With that being said I decided to go "Next Episode" on the black bean & rice tortilla situation and like last night it was so TASTY, add in my beloved kale and it was a well deserved & earned lunch. Dinner tonight was Nori Rolls w/Tempeh , Japanese cucumber salad  and Miso Soup. Wellllllllll Tempeh is a soy based product so needless to say this meal was not going down tonight. Instead I opted for a repeat of the Greek Salad w/Chicken from Day 2. I want to let ya'll know I have been making my own dressings per the recipes in the Reset and I am SO PROUD of myself. Check out the Garlic Dressing I've been using on the Garlic Salads

  • DAY 4 . . . ohhhhhh my ohhhhhh my this is when things started getting a lil hairy. As it turns out ya'll my fiance LC is off on Friday's & Saturday's. So unlike everyone else Thursday night, Friday & Saturday constitutes our weekends around here and this is sometimes when things go haywire like they sort of did this weekend :( Despite the lack of preparedness that I'm going to share with ya'll I will at least give you the good news first which is up until this point I have lost 3.5lbs. I'm not suffering any major hunger pains, no headaches or any uncomfortableness (stay tuned for what's to come though).  Today actually started as an early day seeing as though LC needed to drop his truck at the shop. Then to my surprise he wanted to go ahead and get in early AM cardio/workout which is exactly what we did. Once home I at breakfast as prescribed which was 2 cups of fruit (1 green apple & a cup of blueberries) and a 1/2 cup Greek yogurt but I decided to forgo the whole grain toast and replaced it with a few walnuts. After eating this and continuing to rehydrate myself from the buckets of sweat I was pouring during my cardio session my sweets asked me on a mid-day Date to see The Avengers and as expected it was GREAT. But ummmm NOTE TO SELF: check the length of the movie next time and use the restroom before it starts because having a full bladder makes it hard to focus. . . #kwim!! As luck would have it when we were done LC had me running around with him and I found myself STARVING but I refused to eat anything while we were out so once I returned home and I HULK SMASHED a salad from a previous day in the reset. I'm sorry there was no pics but I would've probably eaten the camera had I tried using it. When dinner arrived I was excited to try Quinoa for the first time along with partaking in some tasty stir-fry veggies. This was so good I had to go back for more veggies leaving me happily satisfied. 
We'll bring this post to a close and move on to DAYS 5 & 6 in the next post where I share with you how things almost fell completely apart

As always please feel free to contact me with questions, information, etc regarding Personal Training, The Ultimate Reset,or any other Beachbody Products