Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 days till TURKEY DAY!!

Ooooook as of today there are exactly 30 days until Thanksgiving (aka Turkey Day) so what does that mean?!?!? It means it's CHALLENGE TIME!! I am going to embark on a challenge I'm calling
30 Days till Turkey Day Challenge
During this challenge let's pick a goal that we want to accomplish by Thanksgiving day. For me personally I'm going to challenge myself to drop 10lbs in the effort to reach my new maintenance weight and walk to the Thanksgiving table looking FINE as WINE!! To reach this goal and to help you reach yours I will hold myself accountable I will be doing several things that I will list below. Now let me say, this doesn't have to be just a health & fitness / weightloss goal, even though that would be AWESOME because what better way to start the hectic, irresistible good tasting food, gift giving, family driving you crazy season then by reaching new fitness goals and walking to the dinner table looking like WHOOAAAAAAAAAA (hehehe ya'll know I'm crazy). So sit down and take inventory and decide what goal you'd like to accomplish in the next 30 days along with me and let's get cracking. 

To keep myself accountable, motivated and to keep you guys going I will do the following things:
  1. WORKOUT DAILY - I will do some sort of workout everyday in a commitment to make it to this goal
  2. BLOG DAILY!! - This one has been a hard on for me but no matter how I'm feeling, what mood I'm in or what I'm going through I will promise to blog
  3. TRACK MY MEASUREMENTS - Since today is Day 1 I will weigh in and take measurements of my chest, waist, hips & thighs and post those results for you all to see. To reach my goal I need to drop 2.5lbs on average a week so that means work, work, work!! 
  4. DO WEEKLY NUTRITIONAL & FITNESS POSTS - I'll do a weekly post about workouts, supplementation, nutrition, and different meal creations that I come up with. I may even start vlogging (YEAHHHHHHHHHHH for videos!!)
  5. BE THERE FOR YOU!! - I will make myself available via this blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Basically I will be here for you in any way shape or form so don't hesitate to contact me. 
With that being said let the 30 Day to Turkey Day Challenge BEGINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!