Tuesday, April 19, 2011

**UPDATE** A lil late but . . .WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!!

Hey Ya'll I know I'm a lil late with this post and I intended to do it Sunday but I was BEAT, then wanted to do it yesterday but my mom's here visiting and we spent all day out and about shopping for Ms Kyndal's Big Girl Room. So here we are I'm finally getting a minute to myself to write this blog . . .


I started the day off on a high because I couldn't even sleep until time for my alarm to go off LOL!! I was up @ 530am and decided to start working on my hair and makeup which turned out FLAWLESS!! Now ya'll who really know me know I've never been a huge makeup wearer but I'm getting much better. But let me tell you some foolishness that happened while I was getting ready. . . So I brought my chair from my bedroom into the bathroom so I can sit and give my legs a rest and I got up to look closely in the mirror and didn't realize I pushed the chair back. Wellllllllllllllll need I say more?!?! I went to sit back down and BAM, I fell and hit my bootay on that hard a$$ tiled bathroom floor. OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I knew at the time that in the days to come this was going to come back to bite me in the ARSE literally and it has!!! My tailbone is KILLING ME, but I'm just putting it outta my mind and moving on.

Now about the actual SHOW. . . it was THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!
For starters if I haven't mentioned it yet I PLACED IN THE TOP 5 (5th place to be exact) and that was a HUGE achievement for me. This is technically my 2nd show & my 1st time competing in Figure and I felt so confident about my body and how I presented myself. I have never been so proud of myself and felt an adrenaline rush like that even though it was physically taxing LOL!! Now one mentioned how you'd feel like you've been in a fight when you hold poses & try to keep looking pretty at the same time LOL. And I don't care how "dehydrated" I was, sweat was still trying to flow because those lights were HOT as ALL outdoors. . . Whewwww Jesus! But again I pushed through it and GAVE IT ALL I HAD.
sorry its blurry but it was a Blackberry camera?!?!

  Another thing that made the day so wonderful was sharing it with my girl Madalena who competed in Bikini and totally ROCKED IT. She rocked it so much so to where she won her PRO CARD!!! She was absolutely flawless and really SERVED it up and was rightfully awarded for doing so. After I came off stage all I could do was get dressed and stand backstage cheering for her and crying along with her over her success. Just to let ya'll know (if you already didn't) I am one of those people who REALLY & TRULY wants the best for those I care for and I'm behind them 100% when they want something. If you want a Cheerleader then you WANT ME cause I will keep the momentum going like none other!! And speaking of Cheerleader I was fortunate enough to have a WONDERFUL one myself named Carmen. Now lemmi tell ya a little about Carmen . . . she's actually my training & cardio buddy. We have been supporting each other mentally & physically through this entire journey and trust me it has benefited the both of us tremendously. On a side note she & I will be competing together at the Fitness New England Championships and we're going to ROCK IT!!
There weren't any sour notes to mention for the show weekend, the only SAD thing was LC couldn't attend because he had to travel to Spain for work (which is much more important) so I've really gotta bring it next weekend so he can see me win!! He is SOOOOOOOOOO SUPPORTIVE and pushes me all the time even though I drive him nuts sometimes LOL!! So now its onto Show #2 as I mentioned a lil while ago and I just have 11 more days left. I'm mentally & physically ready but I will confess I'm a little WORN OUT!! Thankfully I'm on vacation from both my full-time and part-time jobs so I can focus on my family & myself as I get ready for Round 2.

Love ya'll & talk to ya tomorrow cause a girl is TIRED!!

uhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . I need to UPDATE this blog because how could I talk about the day without mentioning a new fitness friend Fleur De Kine. She and I were privileged enough to meet during WBFF posing workshops that were held leading up to the show and she is a TRIP!! She also kept me calm & LAUGHING the entire time and as you see from the picture we were hamming it up for sure. She is an AWESOME competitor and has a GREAT spirit!! I really enjoyed getting to know her more & spending the day with her. I'm sure they'll be many more shows and events for us to hang at and have fun like we did this time!! Wishing her MUCH success with the remainder of her competition season cause she's going to do GREAT things!!