Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rowing my way to freedom. . .

Ooooooook for starters lemmi backtrack and give you the 411 on yesterday's workout. . .
Yesterday was Challenge day 13 and man I had a GREAT quick & efficient workout which consisted of the following:
  • 30min intervals w/Mr Stairmill (ya'll know how I LOVE him!! Bout as much as I LOVE LC hehe)
  • a nice good stretch (after my move a sista needed to stretch cause I felt like I was wound up tight as all outdoors)
Upper body workout: (Chest, Bi's & Tri's) - just a quick drive-by on those body parts to keep my muscle tone and everything tight. I'll get back to the heavy weights real soon but here's what I did

  •  flat DB (dumbbell) BP (bench press) 3 x 20 @ 30lbs
  • incline DB BP 3 x 20 @ 30lbs
  • ABS - knee ups 3 x 30reps
  • barbell curls 3 x 20 @ 40lbs
  • DB tricep kickbacks 3 x 20 @ 25lbs 
  • ABS - regular crunches 
Now I would've done more cardio but LC wanted to move a few more things from over at the other place and he wanted me to help him put his seats from his truck in the garage. So between carrying them God Awful heavy seats & walking up and down the hall at the old loft with that heavy box shoooooooooot that was workout enough for me.

Ok so back to today . . .Rowing my way to freedom is what I felt like today when I was on the rowing machine for 30min. That was a GREAT fullbody cardio workout because the upper body pulling /rowing action and the lower body pushing action was something serious. Shoot when I got off that machine I was like did I just row my way to freedom hehehe!! Then I did a real quick lower body workout. Listen ya'll just don't know I used to be "Dragging a Wagon"!! Heck back in the day when I was 150lbs and thought I was fit (ummmm found out later I wasn't) my old track coach used to call me "Big Seat". How embarrassing is that?!?! Now I'm no longer "Big Seat" and I'm not "Dragging as big of a Wagon" but I still got thigh & butt work to do and trust me I'm going to take a stick of dynamite to this "arse" and blow this thing up and pray it shrinks by half. I build muscle quickly especially on my lower half so sometimes I back off the super heavy weights and go for high reps & lighter weight (not baby weight just lighter, I'm still putting up big numbers compared to most. So here's a snapshot of what I did:
  • 30 min rowing machine
  • DB plie squat 3 x 30 @ 50lbs
  • leg press machine 3 x 20 @ 225lbs
  • single leg extensions 3 x 20 @ 30lbs each leg
  • single leg curls 3 x 20 @ 30lbs each leg
  • stiff legged dead lifts 3 x 15 @ 100lbs
I know ya'll are like "heffa them ain't not light weights" but trust me they are and one day they will be for you too. Please believe I didn't just walk in the gym and say "hello & how you doing" to the super heavy weights. I worked my way up to them and it has paid off. Don't be afraid of the increasing the weights because YOU WILL NOT GET BIG LIKE A MAN!! Instead you will continue to build some lean sexy muscle and everything will get tight and you will be walking around with your own "internal" body magic and all your homegurls will be jealous that you're not wearing a girdle or body magic to make yourself look good in that tight dress. HEHEHEHE ya'll know I'm crazy!! Oh well I gotta roll out cause LC is gone again :( but that means I can get everything from the move organized the way I want it without him being in the way LOLOL