Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RECLAIM over now time to RELEASE

So my first 7 days are in the books and as you see I'm still here in one glorious piece :) Despite my minor setbacks that occurred during Days 5 & 6 I was able to bring things back together 100% during Day 7 and end the week on a high note. There's nothing real major to report in relation to the EATS as most of the meals were repeats of prior days:
  • Breakfast - Oatmeal w/flaxseed, cinnamon, 1/2 cup chopped apple (which I mixed in my Oats) however I passed on the yogurt and went for 1/2 a Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. 
  • Lunch - Zucchini-Cashew soup (ya'll know I was EXCITED about this one) and a Microgreen Salad.
  • Dinner - Baked Tempeh (you know I PASSED) with steamed veggies & brown rice (I opted for Quinoa instead). Now I'm not sure if any of you saw the pic on my personal Facebook but as you'll see here LC was totally spoiled last night with his dinner while I stuck to my Reset. Needless to say he put his fork in my bowl and stole some of my veggies then asked could he have more. . . UMMMM NO, LOLOL!! 
Now let's talk stats real quick. . .I'm unsure if you've noticed or not but I haven't shared actual numbers with you in terms of my weight or measurements in the beginning of the Reset and I'm actually going to keep it that way but I will explain why. I am taking & tracking my measurements and weight but I'm not sharing it because I'm trying to no longer be defined or define myself by the numbers on the scale. However the numbers on the tape measure are a more realistic evaluation of where you are and the changes you're making. So what changes have I made, well first you need to know where I began which is about 12-15lbs over my normal maintenance weight. Also all my measurements: waist, hips/butt, thighs were all up 1.5 - 2.5inches which is about right in terms of my weight because some people have a theory that for every 5lb lost = 1inch weight loss where others its a 10lb lost = 1inch. Everyone is different and there is NO TRUE formula for this, so don't go quoting me on that one. However if we subscribe to one of those theories in this instance it would partially hold to be true because if I'm 12-15lbs over and we use the 10lbs = 1inch this formula would work out. Anywho, back to my stats LOLOL!! As of Day 7 I've lost 4.5lbs and .5inches in every location.
Enough of that now onto how generally feel overall and that is GREAT! For starters its not just the nutrition & supplementation that's making me feel better its the discipline & structure which are 2 things I live for and appreciate. Yes I am spontaneous in my life but when it comes to my fitness & nutrition I like a well laid out, organized & structured plan. Knowing that better explains to you why I'm feeling happy & at peace while others feel all out of sorts because this kind of structure is taking them out of their comfort zones. But not only is the structure helping me but the supplements what were prescribed last week were very influential too. There are 4 supplements for the Reclaim Phase which are the MAIN supplements and will remain in your plan throughout all 3 Phases. They are:  
  • MINERALIZE- simply put this is pure Himalayan salt and its added to your water daily. We all need sodium/salt in our life but not the regular table salt most of us have at home and use. Regular table salt (sodium chloride) contains trace minerals that aren't good for us
  • OXYGENIZE - ummmm obviously we need oxygen to live but the amount of oxygen atoms has significantly reduced over the years due to all the airborne pollutants. The addition of this supplement helps your body to detoxify and to begin to develop a stronger immune system 
  • OPTIMIZE - this supplement is a blend of systematic enzymes that roll the clock back and brings your body back to operating at its full potential  
  • ALKALINIZE - as I've mentioned before. . . a more pH balanced body is "less likely" to be vulnerable to inflammatory diseases, cancers, viruses, etc. And that's what this supplement is here to do for you. . .bring your body back to its natural pH balanced level
Well there you have it for my Reclaim Phase round-up and now I'm almost 1 day into the Release Phase which sees the introduction of the Detox supplement which I will discuss in another blog. On Thursday I'm heading home to South Carolina so now we'll have the added challenge of traveling and staying on task. I've already begun by purchasing some of my EATS to take with me and I sent my mom out to gather some fresh fruit for me. But as ya'll know she'll prolly have every snack under the sun up in her house, but I will have no problem fending off those temptations with the assistance of you guys!!

Hollatcha later cause I think I'm headed to get my wig done (again I don't wear a wig LOL just a term of endearment for my hair). I'll post a pic for ya'll to see once I'm done because the outcome will definitely surprise you

Kenisha (KQ)