Wednesday, April 13, 2011

THE DEVIL IS A LIAR . . . 3 days & counting

I know today's blog title is a bit confusing but I'm going to explain it . . . .

Let me preface this by saying I LOVE MY FRIENDS & FAMILY UNCONDITIONALLY but if you're not with me then GET THE H*LL OUTTA MY WAY because I'm rising to the top and NOTHING will STOP me!!

So now onto the reason for the title. Yesterday I got in my car to go to the gym, got to the light and someone tld me I had a flat tire. . . I think to myself "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW that's all I need". So I turn around and come home and LC (who is the sweetest) is pulling in at the same time and we go check the tire and fill it up and realize its a slow leak so I make plans to go handle it later. Needless to say I'm still VERY frustrated at this point because something has occurred to try and distract me, but I decide I'll just sit in silence for a minute then move one. Well while I'm sitting here I pull up my Facebook and start reading my notifications and to my SURPRISE I have a message telling that I'M A WINNER!!
WHAT?!? HUH?!? WHO ME?!?!
Yeppers I won a contest and not one where they pull you name out of a hat, instead it was a Facebook contest that 6 Pack Fitness had where they requested fitness pictures and a little explanation to go with it. 
Here's the picture I submitted along with my story explaining the before and after. . . . and they PICKED me as a WINNER!! I was immediately thrown into a better mood because the Lord was letting me know that what he's been telling me is TRUE, that I am a WINNER and VICTORY is mine!! LC was very happy for me along with my sister & my friends. Here's where the foolishness comes in. Now like I said earlier I LOVE my friends & family unconditionally BUT sometimes certain people can really TAKE ME THERE!! 
I called my mom this AM to tell her the Good News about my win and she IMMEDIATELY has something negative to say!?!? I mean who knows where something so simple as a Facebook contest win could go. Instead of seeing that she starts talking negative and after 2-3 words out of her mouth I politely tell her GOODBYE and hang up the phone because I can't let that negativity into my life and my preparation!! Again I will say I LOVE my mom and would do anything for her and I know she'd do anything for me. . . BUT I have to be honest . . . through this entire journey she has been LESS than supportive. I know she wants me to be successful in my endeavors and I also know everyone doesn't understand why I do what I do and I can respect that. With that being said you can at least be happy for me when I celebrate a victory no matter how small or confusing that victory may be to you its a VICTORY to me!! 
The reason I'm writing this is to RELEASE myself of these demons that I know have been holding me back because after winning yesterday I said "Why Me". For some reason the less than positive support that I've received over the years has left me with "issues" when it comes to certain things and thinking I'm "WORTHY" sometimes is a problem for me. I will admit that I'm getting much better with this because I AM WORTHY!! If I Trust & Believe in the Lord and what he's been laying on my spirit then I have to know & believe I AM WORTHY!! So with that I will end this and release these thoughts from my mind because. . . .

KQ. . .