Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reflecting on the PAST as I Prepare for the FUTURE!!

Currently I'm in Columbia, SC staying at my mom's house as I tackle all the things I need to get completed during my stay down south. So yesterday while I was on the phone with LC running my mouth a million miles an hour I was putting up clothes for my mom and noticed a pair of pants amongst the laundry that I had given her several years ago when they began getting a little big on me. Well I thought to myself . . . hmmmmmmm I should try these on and see just how BIG they really are now. Once I got these pants on I was completely & utterly BLOWN AWAY!! Not only did these pants once FIT they were TIGHT at one time and now they're HUGE!! Of course I had to document this occasion, too bad I didn't take one of the SHOCKED look on my face
Now here's another reason why I did this . . . . DESPITE the obvious success I can see when I put these pants on and take a picture I don't always feel like I've moved on from that old place to where I am now. I KNOW IT SOUNDS CRAZY . . . . but sometimes I still think I'm in that old body. This may not be the most politically correct thing to say but I call it "THINKING WITH MY FAT MIND!" Again I know its sounds CRAZY but sadly its TRUE! I have to continually talk to myself and teach myself I am no longer in the body I used to be in and honestly I'm getting better. I go longer & longer between these mental bouts than I used to. I no longer DWELL instead I just reflect on where I used to be, I'm able to have a small mental celebration and it gives me motivation & ammunition to make it through the next obstacle or tackle the next goal on my list. . . .
So I'm saying all this to say sometimes its good to reflect on the past so you can move on into the FUTURE!! Since I mentioned it let's talk about that FUTURE!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY, where do I begin. . . hmmmmmmmmmmm, OK! Today the Lord dropped something on me and I don't have all the details worked out yet and all of how's, and where's and when's worked out BUT I know its going to happen! First and foremost I began this journey with Health & Fitness cause I was tired of being overweight and I wanted a healthier life. I continued in my journey and began educating myself more because this was actually something I was always interested in since High School but I allowed myself to be talked out of it as a major in College by my family. Thennnnnnnnnnn I joined the BEST group EVER BUFFMOTHER and it became my goal to be an inspiration and good example for my child and my family and it has just continued to grow from there. Now I have a mind full of ideas, goals & DREAMS I'd like to accomplish. I really want to be a MOVING FORCE in the Health & Fitness World and be an inspiration, motivation and a HUGE ENCOURAGEMENT to women but more than just women I want to be a motivation & inspiration to WOMEN OF COLOR (any color)!! I am seriously positioning myself to be at your disposal and beck & call to encourage, motivate, educate, mutilate (lol not literally but figuratively b/c I'm no hold's barred when it comes to working out)! I want to be a shoulder for you to cry on and I want to be that  hand that picks you up and dusts you off and makes sure you keep going when you think all is lost. By doing this together we can all reach our goals, whatever they may be and have a HEALTHY & HAPPY LIFE TOGETHER!!
Love ya'll