Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Seriously I'm here to stay this time and I REALLY mean it!! I used to love to blog but lately I've allowed so many other things to get in the way thus leaving my blog to suffer but NO LONGER :) Now I'll be honest and let you know I can't promise that I'll blog daily or even several times a week but what I can guarantee you is at least 1 new blog post a week to start and I think that'll be plenty for us to reconnect and get things on and popping again.

Hopefully all of you have been following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you know all the shenanigans that have been transpiring in my life over these last few months that I've been Blogging MIA. As I continue to rejoin the Blogging world I'll be sure to catch ya'll up or go further in depth on those happenings from the last few months.

So lets start anew with what's going on now . . . I've been back in the kitchen cooking all kinds of goodies, doing new & crazy workouts from right out the back of my truck that I'm going to share with ya'll, embarking on several different fitness ventures and everything else to boot :) So stay tuned for all the goodies because I PROMISE to bring'em to you on a more regular basis now that I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!!

LOOOOOOOVE Y'ALL TO HEALTH!!! :) :) :) See ya in the AM because this girl is BEAT seeing as how I've been going since 430am


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