Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm NOT who I USED to BE!!

A little over 6mo ago I was watching Bible Way Church online and Pastor Jackson preached about "I'm not who I used to be"!! I won't ever forget that sermon b/c it rang true in so many ways with me. I was in the midst of struggling from a major weight rebound and I was also confused & unhappy in my profession. As I listened to that sermon I was in this house clapping, shaking my head in approval & understanding, talking back to the computer as if I were actually in the sanctuary and the whole 9 yards. I'm sure if my neighbors heard me they prolly though I was straight crazy, but ask me if I care. . . NOPE b/c God was delivering a message to me that I needed to hear!
The weight gain had me believing I was that 245lb girl again but I WASN'T. . .I'M NOT. . .I WILL NEVER BE AGAIN as long as I have breath in my body!! Then the next morning I received a call from my manager letting me know I was being LAID OFF. . . yup I've kept that a secret from ya'll all this time b/c it just wasn't the time to share it but today I'm sharing!
Because of that sermon and other beliefs I have I politely said "Thank You Very Much for 11 years and where would you like your computer & when do I get my check". My manager was SHOCKED by my response and said "WOW you're so calm" To that I said "Yes I am b/c God says my time here is done and he has something GREATER for me & now it's time for me to explore that". I called LC and told him and his words were "GREAT!! Now its time for you to do what you're MEANT to do!!" I can't explain the feeling I had knowing he believed in me and supported me 100%!!
So now that sermon meant even more to me. . . NO I'm no longer that FAT girl that I see in the mirror & I will NEVER be again as long as I'm willing & able to work. And NO I'm no longer a defined as computer nerd by profession. . .now I have been given the opportunity to do what I'm PASSIONATE about! To get up every day and feel as though what I've done by the end of the evening has CHANGED someones life!!
Yes its been slow going! Yes its been a struggle sometimes. . .but I have never given up & never will b/c
1) I believe in what He (GOD) has in store for me & that this is MY SEASON
2) I have a supportive husband, family & friends who encourage, motivate, inspire me all the time and sometimes slap (figuratively that is) some sense in me when I get discouraged or doubtful
3) I ♥ what I'm doing!! I ♥ who've I've become from my struggles, accomplishments, failures & successes!! I may be tired, worn out, and running on fumes but when I lay my head down at night and pick it up in the morning I feel HAPPY & ACCOMPLISHED.
OK, OK, OK. . . I've yammered on enough so I'll end it here. ♥ Ya'll & I'll talk to ya later today b/c I've got some exciting things going on :)


  1. I have read through almost your entire blog, watched the videos and looked at the recipes - all between yesterday and today - and I wanted to stop in and let you know how much motivation and inspiration I have gained from reading your story.

    I am in a similar spot to where you once were and am now jumping on board to fix that. One day, I hope to do for others what you have done and continue to do for me and those out there - motivate and inspire. Thank you for that.

    I realize you haven't written in many months, but hope that this comment still reaches you. And I hope you begin blogging again - as I'd love to continue following your journey.

    - A