Monday, July 2, 2012

40 Days & Counting . . .

If you've been reading my Fanpage or my personal Facebook page then you know I'M GETTING MARRIED :) :) :) and today happens to mark 40 days until I'll receiving the BLESSING of marrying my Best Friend!! Now as if the Wedding wasn't enough to deal with these last 2-3months I've also embarked on starting my own fitness/online training business,working as a personal  trainer at a new gym and strategizing my competition plan for the 1 (one) & ONLY show I'm planning to participate in this year. WHEWWWWWWWWWWW putting that down in writing just let me further understand why I feel like I've been ripping & running like a chicken with my head cut off because it turns out that I actual am. But hey if I don't have a million things keeping me busy then I'm not getting anything done. So you know me . . . BRING IT ON!! 
Over these next 40 days I will do everything in my power to post my workouts, EATS, updates on the Wedding, business & everything in between. But right now I'm going to PASS OUT because I've been in OVERDRIVE mode since 5am and seeing as though I'm planning to repeat that tomorrow I'm going to have to get some shut eye :/ Don't forget to check out this months challenge. . . Juicy Bootay July (lolol sorry I couldn't help myself with the name). Tomorrow (7/3/12) I'll be breaking down the workout further and posting video, explanations, etc. On that note. . . nighty night ya'll :) 

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  1. Awwww Yayyyy Im right with ya! Im getting married in 46 days :) So I have this month to really kick it into high gear to get wedding and honeymoon ready!! Congrats to you.